Monday, June 01, 2020

Bleisure - Where are we, where do we go? - Article on Economic Times

Economic Times (ET) has always been a very key player in the business and investment media space. Never did I dream I will contribute a business / domain article for them. Glad to share that my article on Bleisure - Where are we, where do we go? has gone live on the Hospitality section of ET. The tracks all media outlets focusing on hospitality industry and brings the most relevant and important news & analysis on the industry. It covers whatever matters in the hospitality Industry in India, aggregating news, opinion and analysis on new launches, Mergers & Acquisitions, FDI, Industry Research, Joint Ventures and other business developments. The website gets 25,00,01,070 page views every month. It was a very enriching effort reading up several industry reports, whitepapers and case studies on Statista. And yes special call-out to the marcomms team for their great review, feedback and helping fine-tune the multiple drafts.

Happy reading, please share your thoughts.

National Technology Day 2020

May 11 is National Technology Day. This day marks the anniversary of Pokhran Nuclear Tests (Operation Shakti) of 1998 and also India's progress in field of science and technology. As part of National Technology Day, got an opportunity to write a very short post on 'technology changes post covid19' for CyberMedia on CyberMedia group has some very popular brands including Dataquest, PCQuest, Voice&Data, Global Services, DQ Channels, DQ Week, their websites are led by, India’s largest technology business website. I strongly feel along with the perspective I shared, few additional perspectives are that Hiring models will change, Real estate contracts especially in the commerical space will change and health records will become part of passports. I enjoyed penning these thoughts in under 24 hours and trying to stick to a 250 word limit. Please read and share your comments on what do you feel will change.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Videos for kids - COVID lockdown lifesaver

Sharing a set of recommendations on videos for kids to help during the COVID lock-down.

These are from youtube and amazon prime and most of them are free.


Vehicles (age 3-5 years)

High on my list.


It has Florence the ambulance, Sergeant Cooper the police car, William Watermore the firefighter truck, Shawn the train and several more. Go for it even the adults will enjoy this.

wheel city heroes

Peekaboo Kidz - Binocs Show -

Educational stuff and very easy to understand by kids.

Tayo the Little Bus -

Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks -

Will keep updating this thread as and when I run into new videos

Books for kids - COVID lockdown lifesaver

Sharing a set of recommendations on books for kids to help during the COVID lock-down.

These are from Kindle and especially if you are on Kindle Unlimited, most of them are free.


Vehicles (age 3-5 years)

Bo the bear builds a Monster Truck

Bo the bear builds a Race Car

Gecko's Garage

The Big Race

Monsty the monster truck stuck in the apple tree.

Nicky is stanced out

Derek and the Triple Crown

Monday, October 30, 2017

Postman and data driven testing


Not sure if you have used this, I recently tried this while trying / testing something for my product and it works great.

My need – to have incremental runs of the same test cases / fire the same request, with different data in the request. The data needs to be driven by a CSV file. Didn’t want to write custom java code for this…

Feature Used – Collection Runner of Postman -

postman-logo text-320x132


· Environmental variables work great within postman

· You can add custom JS code as pre-test steps / post-test steps.

· Recurring runs, with data driven input like CSV files work well with Collection Runner

· You can have results flow from one test case to another and create test flows / sequences.

· You can parse JSON responses and write to Chrome Console, however you need to enable it - | |

· There is a standalone desktop version with its own console -

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Outlook Reset Recover missing folders such as deleted and sent

Outlook Reset Recover missing folders such as deleted and sent


I started noticed missing folders and it wasn’t easy to recover them.


These two links solved my issue, hope this helps. 





Monday, June 06, 2016

Jurys First Runner Up award–Photography Contest

Some glad news.

I had officially taken a break from wildlife photography for 18 months. Eagerly waiting for the monsoon to kickstart the season for 2016.

In the meanwhile participated in the ICICI – Privilege Moments photography contest ( Naturally in the wildlife category.


Pleasant surprise when they called me and told me that I had won ‘something’ – later the official announcement and the position was announced on their website.

I won the Jury’s First Runner Award. The Jury is below,


The winners page screen shot below -


And the winning image is,



Hope I make some nicer images this monsoon… wish me luck…


PS: The other special mention award that this image won. -

New Blog Writing Client

For those who have loved Windows Live Writer and frustrated with the lack of updates, upgrades and the recent login (2FA) issue with Blogger.


I am trying this new tool called Open Live Writer -


So far very smooth. Hope it stays the same.


Saturday, January 03, 2015

Farm land for your social events, very close to the city in Chennai

Looking for farm land close to the city, looking for a retreat amidst nature, looking for a camp site your search ends here.



An extremely suitable location for Corporate Events, Social Functions, HR Revival Camps/ Revamps,Team events, Team bonding activities, Corporate Conclaves, Barbecue cooking etc. in the midst of Chennai city, just 4 Kms behind Chennai International Airport. Located on the side of Adyar River with copious water supply, excellent vegetation of Coconut Trees, Fruit Trees in a village habitat.

Can also help with other supporting arrangements.

Early booking get a 10% discount. Contact us for booking and reservations,

Ascent Farm.
Old No.1/142, New No. 1/271,
Irattai Malai Srinivasan Street,
Vinayaga Nagar, Pozhichalur,
Chennai – 600 074, Tamil Nadu,
Mobile:+91 9940247368
Email your detailed requirements to

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What we all wished for - Seamlessly share content between phones, windows and tablets


What we all wished for - Seamlessly share content between phones, windows and tablets…


How many times have we had to send emails to ourselves with links, files and content, just to access them easily between devices.


Here is the app that is aiming to solve it and it is pretty neat.




Android App -

Chrome Extension -

Chrome Extension Settings - chrome-extension://chlffgpmiacpedhhbkiomidkjlcfhogd/options.html#advanced 


What do you think? Any other app’s that you would recommend???



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cover Image of a Novel

Great news coming up.

The Lotus and the Storm - A Novel by Lan Cao and published by Viking / Penguin Books. The book was released on August 14th in a worldwide release.

So what's the great news…

The cover image of the book, a novel is an image shot by me. The lotus candle was bought in Sri Lanka and gifted to Anu. And the photograph was made during a electricity less night in JP Nagar battling boredom, sweating buckets and swatting mosquitoes as well ( with the folded newspaper bundles - the days of no inverter and generators).

Penguin books, USA found this image as a compelling image to complement the great novel by Lan Cao.



Cover Image  - Penguin

A cover image of a novel by a great publisher - tick.

And yes find a mention on wikipedia as well – tick.


Here is the image,

Cover Image  - Penguin

Cover Image  - Penguin

Cover Image  - Penguin

Cover Image  - Penguin