Tuesday, May 30, 2006

cricket's Apathy

Even as India’s most successful captain is ousted and as a new captain takes charge under the sharp watchful eyes of a new coach , the cricket administration turns topsy turvy and a completely new cricket administration takes

over with a heavy touch of political power.

Does the cricket fever or the number of cricket fans reduce?…………

NEVER... why???

Because we as individuals are not that kind to be bothered over non personal issues for more than a day or two. We are not confident enough to say that this is what we want in the administration and demand for it and fight for it till it is accomplished. We, the so called hardcore cricket fans- are unaware about the actual functioning of the board of Indian cricket, how the elections happen, how much dirty politics is involved? Does that mean we are only interested in some fast paced action packed one day international? Yes. I would say many of us , may be including me, are of that kind who raise our eyebrows when we see a drastic change in the proceeding but more than that we are not bothered even if we know something is going wrong.

A group in Calcutta goes on a demonstration for their home town hero the big ‘dada’ Ganguly to be in the team while the rest of India is ‘ok’ with the harsh treatment meted out to India’s most successful ever captained. Some may say its fine, Ganguly wasn’t performing well, so he’s out but reality is, put yourself in his shoes- for example you are the star in your IT company coding unimaginable logic and doing great innovation but down the years with your hair graying you find that all most all your unimaginable unbreakable logic breaks and scores maximum number of ‘ex*******’ (exceptions) and you see your project manager (in cricket the coach) shouting at you frequently and shooting off a mail to the higher officials like say the CTO , COO stating how inefficient you are and as the story goes the email leaks out and the entire company staff play with it as a forward. Think about the mental strain you would be going through and what state would you be in to perform after that ? Wouldn’t one be in a nervous state after that to perform consistently and constantly with an overacting conscience which by itself would spoil all chances of success !!

This is the similar fate that been charted out by our cricket administration in India towards Ganguly. He was voted into the team by three of the selectors who were in turn voted out of the selection team due to the political fight of power to accommodate three new selectors who have never played test cricket. Is the cricket administration going in the right direction? ………… well, that’s the point over which you have to ponder real hard

Ps : This is a old(about 6 months) write up coming to the blog spot now.