Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Treachery Gadgetry

Gadgets continue to Amaze- I type this note with one hand as I use the other to scratch my head in despair, the despair and confusion being do I post this article from my mobile phone or tablet or laptop.

Lets move to few common appliances Computers, Cell Phones, Cameras.

Before I could understand each of these processors they outgrew themselves P1 - PII - PIII - PIV - Celeron - Centrino - Mobile - Core 2 Duo - i3 - i5 -i7

Before I could understand each of these cell phone operating systems they changed with every change in weather patterns Samsung OS - Java OS - Symbian - Android (and yes apple OS which I have not used extensively)

Before I could understand each of these camera configurations they changed with high ferocity VGA - SVGA - 1.1 MP - 3.1 ..... 41 MP (Nokia Mobile phone)


Lifecycle of few gadgets that I have owned and how their value has degraded over the years

1) My first computer HCL Busy Bee - had a 2 GB hard disk with a few MB RAM sprinkled (16 or 32 MB or possibly KB) and yes had a floppy drive. (but still NFS 2 used to work) -

Year: 1997 – 2000

Cost: 32K INR

Finally: Scrapped

2) My first cell phone - Nokia (handed over from my dad) was bought during the cell phone introduction era 1995 - a big huge brick with an antenna and fluorescent glowing buttons.

(call charges in 2001 incoming 8 RS, outgoing 16 RS | at one point it was a landline, will work only when connected to the charger | one dealer in Parrys Corner even suggested to give to kids to play with Grrrr!)

Year: 1995 – 2002

Cost: 16.5K INR

Finally: 300 INR


3) My first camera - Canon IXUS : The camera with which I completed all the cliches : shot my first clouds from the aircraft, shot every single flower in sight, shot every single drop of water that dared to drop – I was known as a terror behind the lens. That had a 200 MB card.

Year: 2000 – 2003

Cost: 11K INR

Finally: Scrapped / Trashed


4) My first Laptop - Thinkpad Laptop from IBM - The thinkpad series was an rage around 2005 but eventually that faded away. That era for me ended yesterday, sold the IBM thinkpad R51. I guess while buying the laptop I had equal interest in the carry case and might have bothered the dealer enough.

Year: 2006 – 2012

Cost: 45K INR

Finally: 2k INR




Signing off I need to get on cnet to review which gadget to buy next




Disclaimer : Yes pictures used in this blog haven’t been exposed to drugs, improper handling and rough usage and are owned by their respective owner… yeah right!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

[Featured] IIMB Alumni Summer Magazine–June 2012


A photo feature of mine has appeared in the IIMB Alumni Summer Magazine–June 2012 edition. Feels great

Please do read through and share your feedback

1) The core – Photo Feature Article

2) Few more photographs have been used for other articles

3) NIRAM – details of the Photography Exhibition where I participated is also present.



Google Drive – PDF View


Online Magazine Viewer – Flip Mode


Links that can be used to access / read / download the PDF


Friday, June 01, 2012

What Happens in 60 Seconds?

Gone in 60 seconds….

What Happens in a 60 seconds?

My application - a Sabre Product does about 1000 Transactions per minute during peak, ain't I proud?

Picture Courtesy - ET Newspaper