Saturday, October 25, 2008

Takeaway from a play

Recently had been to a play from the house/makers of Chicago. The play was Cabaret, a.k.a Welcome to Berlin.

What a lovely experience to watch the play in the mecca of plays in the European continent, plays, musicals are regular activities for the locals.

Wayne Sleep as Emcee and Samantha Barks as Sally Bowles don't disappoint nor the great choreography and dazzling outfits; Since its Broadway premiere in 1966 and the famous movie version with Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Joel Grey, Cabaret has won a staggering number of stage and screen awards including 8 Oscars, 7 BAFTAs and 13 Tonys.

Some of the ratings
'***** Genius' - The Independant
'**** Wonderful' - The Express
'**** Superb' - The Financial Times
'**** Sensational' - The Mail on Sunday
'**** Stunning' - The Sunday Express

To book tickets at the new Victoria theatre, Woking click here
For more info of the play, click here

The main takeaway (from a song) from this play and the main reason I started writing this is as follows,

The sun may shine and the moon may set,
You will learn to settle for what you get.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poverty - The state of having little or no money - Blog Action Day 08

Be tuned in, On October 15th we will write a small note on poverty...

To join the Blog Action Day - 2008
Visit here - Click here

Hope to make a difference to few lives.

Two contrasting scenarios

1) Me with a job, with a debit card, with some cash in my bank account

-- Yoo man, flash my card at anything that I feel like picking up, chocolates are at my mercy (my belly chocolates mercy), pick up unwanted things from the store, go on trips, waste money here and there...

2) Me without a job, without a debit card, without cash in my bank account
-- Take some money from my parents or friends, look longingly at things displayed at the store, buy good food once a month, and keep my old clothes as a heritage pocession, trying walking to humanly distant places...

Well the future is unpredictable, put yourself in different shoes, if it can happen to anyone it can happen to sure if you are reading this in your swanky new laptop, you will fit in the first category.

Let’s spend two minutes to really understand the vicious vices of poverty...
If you are born in a poor family you don’t get quality education not because your parents don’t want to, just because they can’t afford it, without a proper education you don’t get a job, without a proper job you are repeatedly sucked into poverty, generation after generation.

My 2 lines might sound like a drop of water explaining the might of a tsunami but if all drops decided to move away a tsunami would be just a wave licking your feet.

If financial instability can get certain financial giants crawling on their feet think of certain mere mortals, homeless, abandoned and sick. None of us would want to be in such a position, god forbid we get into such a position the only hope would be in the race of humans…
Some good person like you, anyone going ahead and helping them out personally or financially.

So what can you do…?

1) Promote micro finance - Micro finance refers to the provision of financial services to poor or low-income clients, including consumers and the self-employed.

There are many firms like example which give out money for the poor and give them a living and in return you get pretty decent interest rates, its a complete win-win situation. I can’t vouch for the above link; it is just an example which came to my mind.

2) Gift an education – Gift an education to a poor child, track their future. I am sure many organizations close to your house will be able to help you, else mail me and I will find a way for you.

3) Donate liberally – you get what you give, am not saying this a way of investing money, give someone 100 and be assured of 150 Nope, give people money if they want it and you have some in surplus, trust me it doesn’t hurt. Support & play with spastic children, read lessons to the blind during the weekends, teach for free for poor childen.
Example: /

Be happy with what you have and make others happy with what you have, remember its one life - live it to the fullest and make it memorable.

This is a organization run by my friends from college, please help if you can,

As I say
A penny donated (for the poor or the needy) is a penny well spent - MiM

Some past actions:


Monday, October 13, 2008

Wild thoughts of MiM!

Some wild thoughts running through me...

Chivalry - Courtesy towards women...

General Chivalry: Opening a door for a woman.....

Heights of Chivalry: Opening a .....door for a woman.....
but when the door leads to a men's rest room

Opening a door for a woman which leads to the men's rest room !

A penny saved is a penny earned - Benjamin Franklin

A penny donated (for the poor or the needy) is a penny well spent - MiM


Sunday, October 12, 2008

The England Srilanka connection…

The England Srilanka connection…

If you wondered what did England ever have to do with Srilanka other than the branded clothes, silver tip tea and explosive cricket you are wrong! There is a mini Srilanka based in Wembley Central, UK. I got lucky to grab a few seats in a 90000 capacity ground the Grand Wembley Stadium – Europe’s second largest stadium, with 2618 toilets, the maximum ever. I had booked tickets for the England vs. Kazakhstan FIFA world cup 2010 qualifier match. Before this match I have never seen close to 90000 people at a single place.

Saturday morning was a misty morning, had to drag myself out of bed to get ready and board the 9:17 train to Waterloo. Then changed tubes as easy as shuffling cards to get to Black Friars station and walked along the Thames River along some beautiful bridges – Black Friar Bridge opened by The Highness Queen Victoria. The embankment walk along from Waterloo / London Eye till the Tower bridge of London should take about 30 – 45 minutes depending on your speed….ranks as one of the best walks for seeing places and the quickest snapshot of London’s glory. We (Naveen and me) went and visited Tate Modern.
These were some words that I got to hear about Tate Modern “A visit to London isn’t complete without a trip to Tate Modern. Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary art from around the world is housed in the former Bank side Power Station on the banks of the Thames.
The awe-inspiring Turbine Hall runs the length of the entire building and you can see amazing work for free by artists such as Cezanne, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Giacometti, Rothko, Dali, Pollock, Warhol and Bourgeois. For opening times and location please see website.”
We did enjoy the place and the best part was that it was free to enter…some good things in life come free as well.

Then we visited GlobeShakespeare’s living place, where he used to write a lot and his theatre.

Then we walked on the cable bridge across Thames and went over to visit Paul’s Cathedral, a massive beautiful rendition of ancient architecture. Then we boarded the tube from Mansion house and after a few changes and meeting a few interesting characters some old, some young, some howling some dozing we reached Queens Park and then finally Wembley Central. We started seeing a lot of guys in England T Shirts and we started getting apprehensive if the England T shirt was a compulsory aspect to enter the stadium. We walked to Chennai Dosai with day long dreams of their meals and fish only to see that they have temporarily closed down with a vague reason saying that they don’t have electricity. But this was a blessing in disguise we started searching for more restaurants and any restaurant with the word ‘VEG’ on its display board turned me into their instant foe. We finally noticed the Srilankan connection, several Srilankan restaurants, we finally entered into Gana, café & restaurant – I have been to Kandy where the world famous Buddhist Temple is present with Buddha’s tooth relic and the famous Kandy Lake and tasted the extra tasty local meals (for Srilanka pictures click here). We ordered for some vadas, fish cutlets, a non veg meal and a veg meals and of course the legendary elephant drinks (the coca cola in Srilanka is a brand called elephant). The food was YUMMY, spicy and superb. We instantly decided we will be back in the evening for dinner. We paid and enquired from some England fans if the England Team T Shirts were compulsory and they said of course not. But still for the safety of our skulls we searched Wembley High Road for T shirts, finally ended picking up mufflers and caps with the England Flags proudly displayed. The entry into the stadium was as easy as getting into your pajamas and out.
For booking tickets
Wembley stadium was so beautiful that in first sight we were amazed to see something like this; the lush green fields the red chairs, words really can’t do justice. The stadium filled in and by 15 minutes of the kick off the stadium was jam packed. Before that the teams had warmed up and raring to go rather kicking to go. Terry was out and Ferdinand was the skipper. The crowd’s favorite was Lambert, Rooney, Theo, Gerrad, Ferdinand, Cole and the ever green Beckham. The first half was nice but goal less and I had horrid visions of watching a goal less match. The second half was goal full, goals pouring in as a leaking tap. The first was a header from Ferdinand second was a self goal from Kazakhstan (with some help from Rooney), third a header by Rooney, fourth a kick by Rooney and fifth a kick by Jermane Defoe. England gift wrapped a goal to Kazakhstan when Sabrykhan Kukeyev took advantage of a stray pass by Ashley Cole to give Kazakhstan some hope with just over 20 minutes remaining. Beckham though in late set up some superb goals; David Beckham replaced Walcott to give him his 106th cap, allowing the midfielder to draw level with Sir Bobby Charlton in third spot on England's all-time list of appearances.
All in all a true entertainer with Fabio Capello at the side of the field throwing in ideas, he must be a happy man.
It was nice to sing the England cheer song and clap along…though my voice is gone today.
The final count was 89,107 people.
We then fought our way over 90000 people and reached Wembley high road and after some Indian grocery shopping we were back in Gana – the Srilankan Café. We ordered vadda, Appam a.k.a Hoppers, Milk Hoppers, Chana Sambhol. Must say I have again fallen in love over Srilankan Food. Hope to be there again. Got back home by 12 after a tube and train journey and crashed in my bed under twin duvets for the fear of cold is always there.

Tate Modern -------------------------Tate Modern Art

Tate Modern Art ------------------------------------Tate Modern Art
(100 blocks 100 words 20 lines)

Globe -----------------------------Globe Entrance

London Bridges ------------------------ St Pauls Cathedral

Me with England Muffler --------------------------------- Wembley Stadium

Play Time ----------------------------------Naveen & Me

Gerrard -------------------------Flags & National Anthem


The entire picture set can be found in the below link


Friday, October 10, 2008

Brighton - A day trip boon

Brighton is a town on the south coast of England and, with its neighbour Hove, forms the city of Brighton and Hove.

The ancient settlement of Brighthelmston dates from before the Domesday Book (1086), but it emerged as a health resort during the 18th Century and became a destination for day-trippers after the arrival of the railway in 1841.

Eight million tourists a year visit Brighton.

Must do activity in Bournemouth are

1) Take a tour of the Royal Pavilion - The stunning seaside palace of the Prince Regent (George IV), transformed by John Nash into one of the most dazzling and exotic buildings in the British Isles, is a must see.
Adult £8.50 Child (5-15) £5.10

2) Brighton Beach – Peeble beaches, lovely blue color water. The Brighton beach is featured in the Englands Top 10 beach destination.

3) Experience Amazonia at the Sea Life Centre – The entire aquarium is housed in a wonderful ancient hospital adding to the charm, with 150 species and 57 displays, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable day out for the whole family! From cute undulate rays and Submarine Adventures to giant turtles and Amazonia –the new rainforest mirror maze.
Adult £12.99
Child £8.99
5GBP off every ticket if you book the tickets online

4) Brighton Pier – A nice big pier with plenty of attractions...

5) Cruise in the sea / Fishing in the sea - I took the former and must say the ride was ok, nothing great...the fishing trip might have been better.
Adults £7.50
Seniors £6.50
Children £3.50
1½ HOUR MACKEREL FISHING TRIP: £12.00 per person.
£2.00 *Rod/Bait hire

6) Queens Park - It’s a famous park as well.

7) Lanes - Lanes : In between North Street and Grand Junction Road.

Let me let the pictures do some speaking...

For more info and acknowledgment, click here


Different Perspective

Royal Pavilion

Lanes of Brighton

The Cricketers

What Color is this?

Up close with the pier!

Why me?


Brighton Beach

Marine Drive

Who else?

The entire picture set can be found in the below link

Let me end with a nice quote that I heard yesterday:
It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.
-- Mark Twain


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Credit Crunch - Food deals

If the credit crunch is getting too tough to manage and is ruining your culinary aspects, here's something to cheer about,

Many free food offers or food discount offers, have a look, download and enjoy...

Happy eating.

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My latest prawn curry:


PS: My first blog after the site layout has been revamped, this is after many readers asked for the length of each sentence to be longer so that they can read faster and easily. Hope it is fine now else will re do it, tan Q KP...