Monday, June 06, 2016

Jurys First Runner Up award–Photography Contest

Some glad news.

I had officially taken a break from wildlife photography for 18 months. Eagerly waiting for the monsoon to kickstart the season for 2016.

In the meanwhile participated in the ICICI – Privilege Moments photography contest ( Naturally in the wildlife category.


Pleasant surprise when they called me and told me that I had won ‘something’ – later the official announcement and the position was announced on their website.

I won the Jury’s First Runner Award. The Jury is below,


The winners page screen shot below -


And the winning image is,



Hope I make some nicer images this monsoon… wish me luck…


PS: The other special mention award that this image won. -

New Blog Writing Client

For those who have loved Windows Live Writer and frustrated with the lack of updates, upgrades and the recent login (2FA) issue with Blogger.


I am trying this new tool called Open Live Writer -


So far very smooth. Hope it stays the same.