Monday, March 30, 2009


Supermarkets or Suaible Mazes…

I really don’t know if it is happening only to me or to others as well. I feel lost, my head spins, and my eyes flicker, my feet waver, and my hands wander to every possible shelf, feel quite giddy and finally end up with a heavy basket and a lighter bank account.

I am not being mugged, am not on drugs, am not on a joy / thrill ride, I am in a supermarket. Of late be it in grocery supermarkets or clothing super stores, I am feeling lost, seeing so many things arranged all around you (almost all over you), in different packages, different colours, different prices. The products, their packaging, their arrangement seem to scream at you, seem to order you to pick them up. Is this a new kind of marketing where they psychologically try to pressurize the shopper to buy things which might be really not needed or is it the age of the ultimate shopper – beware and be aware. I was thinking maybe it is just to do with the shopping supermarket but yesterday when I walked into a cloth super store, I noticed they do don’t have clear exits, you wander and wander among their lines for a long time, each type of a product is spread over 4 – 5 sections, making you walk across other lines as well and makes you / forces you to have a look at all their other lines as well. Their arrangement makes you feel dizzy and may be force you to pick up things that were put into your mind. Yes seeing the crowds and their heavy bags at these stores make me feel that they are succeeding, recession could bring out new techniques and I don’t know if I have witnessed one of the first.

Beware and be aware.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour



Let's help by turning off lights at 8:30 PM local time in your country on 28th March. Save energy and reap the benefits as you go ahead.

Update: I barely managed to spend 30 minutes without the lights on. I spend the time in darkness by practicing dark photography. More pictures at
28th March 2009
Red hot earth...