Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Turahalli - Forest Reserve

Turahalli is located in south of Bangalore off Kanakapura road nearly 8 kms from Banashankari temple. It is a dry deciduous forest with lot of eucalyptus trees and other wild shrubs and trees. It has often been observed existence of many wild animals like jackal, hare, monitor-lizard, mongoose etc. Also, this happens to be one of the favorite places for bird-watchers as many rare species of birds are found in this area. Bird watchers have long frequented Turahalli and list of species sighted at Turahlli compiles as a lengthy one. Some of the birds such as Great Horned Owl treasures up as very important sightings.”.....

This is what I had heard about the place, before I decide to visit the place, my BIL an avid bird watcher took me to the place a mere 15 minute drive from the Banashankari temple, we reached an off beat road and parked the car under a tree and got out to climb the small peak out there.

My first impression was that - it’s a very nice place so close to the city yet having some undulating peaks , empty lands, unpolluted air and fairly green scenery. I tread up taking pictures of the sun rays and the other varied flora there, while my BIL more interested in the birds walks away in search of them. A fairly decent walk up the hill takes about 60 minutes, stopping in between for taking in the visual scenery mentally and mechanically(through the camera). Me being interested in photography stop and take few pictures of the rocks and the various shrubs and vegetation, and upon reaching the peak take some pictures of the lovely horizon pictures of the city. Then on the top of the mountain, there’s a Hindu temple, as we walk beyond that point we are greeted by more dense vegetation and more dense forests. This is where my lucks runs real high and I spot a pea fowl, a bee eater, a pied bush chat or an Indian Robin and a white Brahminy kite. Just imagine if a non bird watcher like me can see so many birds so easily, then the bird watchers are really in for a mega treat. Then we decide to walk down through the more unbeaten up track, which proved to be more difficult than climbing up but worth the difficulty as I happen to come across a flock of peacocks and peahens which looked very beautiful.

Then as we were nearing the base of the hill, we were in for the treat of the day as we happened to see a great Indian eagle Owl , a beauty, quite huge –it sat for a while to pose to us and then it flew with such grace that it was treat for us. Then we reached the car to see the rear windscreen broken by some miscreants-so that’s some thing to watch out while parking your vehicles.


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