Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wild thoughts of MiM! - Part 4

Another one of my wacky / tacky thoughts / joke

Mom: Children come and taste the dinner that I have made, its a lovely new recipe, I am sure it will take you to heaven.

Children: (Amidst groans and grins) - mom incidentally or coincidentally the last time you said the same thing we landed in the hospice / clinic / doctors place called heaven... :)

Apologies if you didn't laugh. Anyways laugh your way into 2009 Wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

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Wild thoughts of MiM - 1
Wild thoughts of MiM -2
Wild thoughts of MiM -3

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Art Of Being Happy

An article written for the Adarshan Bangalore Magazine...

Read it and be happy...

Wish you all a very merry X Mas and a prosperous and happy new year 2009!


Disclaimer: These are purely personal views and might not be agreeable to all.

While each man is free to choose his own I like the art of being happy the most.

While pondering over topics on which I could write for this magazine,
Amongst the many suggestions that came to my mind were articles on the economic gloom, the horrendous situation in Zimbabwe, the inexplicable terror attacks in Mumbai, then when I asked few people for suggestions they said anything is fine as long as it is happy. Now this set my mind racing - why does our mind seek all the negative energy in the world rather than merely enjoy the beautiful things out everywhere around us.

As my quote goes
99% of the time one needs to be happy and the remaining 1% needs to be spent in preparing to be happy” – MIM

If only we remembered that we are just transient passengers in this huge journey called life why waste our limited time to being unhappy and down? Our life span vs. life of the world is comparable to 1 sec vs. the seconds available in one year (1 vs. 31536000). Similarly our life time is such a small part of the larger picture that we just can’t waste time by being unhappy or depressed.
There is a whole world of difference between being sad and unhappy. The opposite of a happy person is not a sad person but is an unhappy person. It is not so that a happy person cannot ever be sad or depressed but this state is transient and will disappear soon. But an unhappy person will find it terribly difficult to find happiness and will make it conditional: I will be happy ONLY when /if and so the list goes on.

While being sad is not a crime- indeed being sad is also an emotion that every person must experience. The feeling of sadness is in fact a complimentary phase of happiness, the very need of one being happy is because one doesn’t want to be sad. But being unhappy is a crime.

Happiness is a mental objective; it requires the power of imagination. You have to imagine yourself as being happy in order to be happy, and yes, you just can’t wait for happiness to come to you. There is no magic potion to harness happiness within you and for others.

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things."
-- Henry Ward Beecher

Some of us are in a happy state while shopping, some while writing, some while taking photographs, some while gardening, some while sleeping, some while eating. We should however remember that there is a very small line between addiction and (responsible) happiness. I can’t claim to be happy only while I snort ten big lines of cocaine.

In times of economic woe such as these we need to be prudent, but real sense prevailed in me when I absent mindedly understood the lyrics of a Tamil song from the movie – Pudupettai – it translates to mean,
….what’s the point in saving up all your money without even enjoying a bit of it, tomorrow suddenly if you leave the world what’s the whole point? ….

When I look at certain countries with so many different kinds of issues and worries, I can never claim the luxury of being sad and ever complain about anything When people in Zimbabwe are eating the cow skin which was part of their 100 year old flooring, how can you and I ever complain this is not right, that is not right, I don’t have a good life etc?

Here are few basic happiness maintaining techniques
1) Decide to be Happy: No one else can take this decision for you.
2) Happiness should be a priority: Like you plan for your ambition, savings, growth etc you must plan for your happiness.
3) Path to happiness: There will be many a times when you are down, disinterested and feeling sad, don’t let this state prevail more than 5 minutes start counterattacking the sad thoughts, start questioning the real reason of those facts, start working around them to find out the way to overcome the sorrow and get happy. When you are positive, good things happen to you, when you are negative; you draw bad things to you.
4) Constructive energy: Rather than lose all energy by being down, raise your bar and focus all the doom and gloom to find unique ways to counter attack the problem.
[For 3 and 4 – in terms of thinking out of the box and other innovation techniques– try to define at least 10 solutions to any problem and then only choose one. This is because the human tendency is to always choose the first easily achievable solution which comes to ones mind]
5) Dream about happiness: The first step to achieve anything is to think more and more about it, dream it and achieve it. The brain apparently moves towards working out happy dreams in a faster manner.
6) Be appreciative: By just appreciating the wonderful small things around you, you can be very happy. Example if you see an spider which has built a huge web in your house don’t start screaming and calling commands for people to clear it, rather watch the intricate design of the web, take photographs appreciate the little ones hard work etc and then decide what you want to. By being appreciative you also tend to spread positive energy around, you appreciate one person he is in a better mood and appreciates some one else and the cycle just goes on.
7) Forgive and Forget: This doesn’t need any explaining and is very important for being happy.
8) Spread happiness: Try spreading the joy of happiness by means of social or financial contribution to the needy. Volunteer to read for the blind, to take classes for the poor children.
9) Believe in yourself and a higher spirit: Having a high self confidence and indulging in prayers usually works as great stimulant for happiness in many people.
10) Happiness is infectious: This has been proved scientifically that happiness grows in leaps and bounds when in the presence of happy people and good locations. Draw up a list of 5-10 things that make you happy, it could be watching you tube clips of tom & jerry or it could be viewing your photograph collection. Whenever you feel down or out run through the list and within minutes you are freed of your sadness.

One of the jokes I remember from my school days is
Why study? You study to learn more, the more you learn, the more you know, the more you know, the less you can store, the less you can store is the less you know then why study…

Why to worry? The more you worry the more tension you get the more tension you get, the more unhappy you are, the more unhappy you are, the less of happy you are…so beware…

Let me wrap up with some interesting quotes
Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.
-- H. Jackson (Jack) Brown Jr.

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be
-- Marcel Pagnol

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in perfect harmony. -- Mahatma Ghandi

Don't live `for' happiness. Live `with' happiness". -- Indian Philosophers

Be happy and spread the joy of happiness, treat yourself for this wonderful year 2008 and enjoy the run up to a lovely Christmas and let’s hope and pray we have a even better and prosperous new year 2009. Wish you all good luck.

Monish M


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Photograph Guide.

Feels great to have one of my photographs asked and published for a UK based Bath Spa guide - sixth edition of Schmap Bath Guide.

The Circus

If you use an iPhone or iPod touch, then this link will take you directly to the photo in the iPhone version of the guide.
The Circus

Finally, if you have a blog, you might also like to check out the customizable widgetized version of the Schmap Bath Guide, complete with the published photo:

Thanks Emma Williams, Managing Editor, Schmap Guides for getting in touch with me and getting my photograph published.

Circus Bath Spa Information

Complete Photography

Bath Spa Photography


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wild thoughts of MiM! - Part 3

I was waiting in the Florence (Firenze) railway station for my train to Venezia which was delayed by 2 whole hours, I was sitting in the floor of the station counting seconds off my life and seconds for the train to arrive. To beat boredom my mind started thinking of rather unusual (some nonsensical) sayings and here we go...

BoReD is NOT the Word but other Words are TOO boring as well - MiM

As I walk MILES I get the true meaning of freedom - MiM

A true traveller isn't bothered upon arriving - well at some point he must look at the departure boards - MiM

Lets light lamps, wear white clothes, have candle light vigils and get ready for the next vicious attack - MiM

HUMAN MEMORY IS A VOLATILE PIECE, with limited space, never remembers too much good, too much bad and for too long! - Mim


what I really need is CHANGE


[change is the only word which is not constant!]

Yes I am part of my country, Yes I have a sense of belonging, Yes I will be the change I expect in others! - MiM

Of course we can change things a lot, but how and when remains a concern...I was on a holiday and was so bothered, hurt and pained that I kept reading the websites again and again...many emotions flooded my senses...a sense of fear that next it could be me...and instead of writing a travelogue I was writing few snippets of what I felt...

As a average citizen whom do I fight against
1) Petty thieves / murderers etc
2) Against corrupt government officials
3) Against incompetent politicians who want us to get a VISA to travel between states
4) Or against the new age terror - not knowing what is going to explode and when - who is going to shoot and where

After all this aftermath of a huge unfortunate event it shouldn't be like before - Light candles - have candle light vigils - wear white shirts and black bands and get ready for the next attack. Like the sacrificial goat all dressed up! Lets do all the above, thats the only way we can pay our respects to the departed souls but lets not lose focus let us keep reminding ourselves and our government that we have to be on our toes and our lives and security can't be taken for granted.

All the four points can be averted if we the entire people / public join together.
1) If a guy steals a chain or picks a pocket and I scream for help, if the entire public help in catching him - I will feel secure...
2) We should ensure we don't pay bribes anymore and get the corrupt people caught - you might lose a few days of work and a few thousand rupees in expenses but you have served your nation / society by cleaning / clearing one dirty weed.
3) Don't listen to /elect such politicians and periodically remind them that they are our servants and not vice versa.
4) Demand / formulate rules, be aware of your surroundings and things that go around you.

There are a lot of new initiatives like i lead the way; a billion hands - lets really hope we can all take a active part and change / save our lives / future. A lot of things like PIL by the public and other actions by the government looks right now, let pray and hope we and the government don't slacken.

The future is in our hands lets redefine it!

A Billion Hands
India Leadership Network

Wild thoughts of MiM - 1
Wild thoughts of MiM -2


St Nicolas Church - Guildford, UK

After becoming a regular member of this quiet & beautiful church in the well known town Guildford, Surrey, UK, I was invited to write a article for the church of my experience here and this was what I had given them.

Thanks Father Andrew for this nice little opportunity.

Dear Friends,

I am Monish Matthias, if you can’t recollect who I am; it’s not your fault. I am the person who hijacks the church warden’s chair at the back of the church and runs out headlong once church gets over only to find Father Andrew’s smiling face, warm handshake and nice words of comfort.

Let me give you some background information, An Indian, came here initially for 6 months (Feb 2008) on work which is now extended by 6 months and I expect to be on my way back soon. I was born in the southern land of spices in a state called TamilNadu. The chance to come to the UK was a dream come true as Europe and in particular, the UK always had a special place in my dreams and in my country’s history

The first few days sped by predictably in acclimatizing to the cold. I spent many hours in trying many different ways to keep myself warm ,Suddenly, hibernation in the animal kingdom made perfect sense!. As I started exploring Guildford, the beauty of Guildford started unraveling itself in the most poetic and subdued manner, the cobbled high street of Guildford was a marvelous piece of work and especially seeing St Nicolas Church and the mount behind it was worth many photographs to be taken.

In Chennai, we are members of St Georges Cathedral, a beautiful English-built church built in the 18th century. Like many children I have also feigned sickness, tiredness and tried other tricks in the book to evade my dad and mom waking me up for attending the early morning church service at 7:30 AM. Matters improved somewhat once I started attending Sunday school ( with all the chocolates and gifts from my Sunday school teachers), However, year end exams there as well seemed to put a temporary end to my affection for Sunday school classes. However over the years, with Gods presence and blessings I have now morphed into a regular church attendee. Despite 100% Sunday church attendance remaining a far dream, I console myself with the thought of aspiring to 100% commitment in DESIRING to go to church and pray.

Despite being a resident at recreation road with many churches close by, I used to walk down to St Nicolas church. I recall being filled with nervousness on my first visit as I was fresh in the UK and hadn’t got a hang of local cultural habits, .I walked in, occupied a seat in the last row like a school student imagining he has maximum security and fun when farthest from the teacher! The church looked beautiful and I reminded myself that I was fortunate to be in such a beautiful old church in a country where Christianity roots are so well spread. Then service started and I was instantly calmed. The service is similar to the service back home, the biggest change being the peace offering that we give each other here. Back home, the members of the choir carry the peace to each row and pass it to the first member and they in turn pass it on to the next person in the same row. Here when I saw people greet each other with no particular order, my heart missed a few beats again as I was under the impression that only familiarity bespoke greetings and I knew none then but some people were kind enough to offer their peace handshakes and I instantly was put to ease. Thank you, all once again for your warm and welcoming ways!

At end of service, I started to walk out and was instantly spotted by Father Andrew. Recognizing me to be a newcomer, he warmly asked about me and made me feel instantly welcome and wanted in the new church. Such small gestures really make a person feel good. This is also essentially different from the Indian churches as we have more than 500 – 1000 visitors on an average crowded Sunday church service. It would take the church father a couple of hours to speak to each one of us individually. A highlight of my church worship in the UK has been Father Andrew’s visit to my house on two occasions. I felt both humbled and happy to have the church father visit me at home especially when he knew that I would be around for a short time. Other cherished memories will be that of the young kids playing and creating the much desired fun atmosphere, the senior members who have asked me for my name and made me feel welcome. This church made me feel so at home that I had invited a friend Shashank from India to experience a church service (Easter vigil service) here. Though he practices a different religion he loved the experience. Some of the best churches I have seen are our St Nicolas Church Guildford, Notre Dame Paris, St Georges Chapel Windsor, St Georges Cathedral India and Christ Church Oxford. I am sure this church will rise to great glory under the Lords blessings, Father Andrew’s leadership and the great commitment of each church member. I will remember you all in my prayers and do give me a call / mail when you visit India. I am sure all of you would love India and the different culture there; I extend my warmest welcome to all of you to visit India. Looking forward to spend a happy Christmas with all of you and advance wishes for a lovely run up to Christmas and a happy Christmas.

St Nicolas Church, Guildford


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild thoughts of MiM! - Part 2

Some wild thoughts running through me...part 2

Being politically correct!

What would you say to your host when you visit their rest room and it smells mucky, yucky and what not?

Well you could say a lot of things...but to be politically correct you will have to say the following...

Your rest room is full of character / your rest room oozes out character / your rest room smells of vintage character [amidst breathlessness and heavy breath (may be even wrap a hand kerchief over your nose)]

Wild Thoughts - Part 1


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pictures at Wikipedia

Have contributed some pictures to Wikipedia...three cheers to Wikipedia...Wikipedia and Google are currently big time life lines...

The beauty of the London Eye at night.

Dense cloud cover over the London Eye in summer

The entire picture set can be found in the below link


Monday, November 10, 2008

Windsor Castle and Oxford

Had been to a 1000 year old castle - Windsor castle this weekend for a day visit. A few of us from office rented a car and off we went in a Vauxhall Vectra to visit the Castle, in Windsor in the county of Berkshire. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and is the oldest in continuous occupation.We were surprised to know that the castle's floor area is approximately 484,000 square feet hmm pretty spacious. It is really a place to see with the grand interiors and great architecture and grandiose designs. Were fortunate to spot a few Indian crowns, swords and artifacts from India. The doll rooms and the palace insides are marvelous, words just cant describe them nor pictures as photography is banned in the insides of the palace to preserve the old art and other designs.
For more details click here

Must do activity in Windsor are

1) Take a tour of the Windsor Castle - The castle takes about 3-4 hours on a average.

2) St Georges Chapel - The chapel is very beautiful and can be visited with the same ticket of the castle.

3) Guard Change - Try catching the guard change, happens on particular dates and only if the weather permits.

4) Eton College

5) Royal - Windsor Great Park

Windsor Castle

Outside Windsor Castle

St George Chapel

Guard Change

From Windsor we drove down to Oxford, the only place where the Thames river is called The Isis. Oxford has always been a term well heard surrounding the heights of education, well the University of Oxford, which is one of the earliest universities in the English speaking world (around the 12th century). Oxford is a nice old town with grand buildings and many places to visit and roam around for a day. We had food at pizza hut or must I say pasta hut, I had some Pasta with Arrabiata Sauce and chicken breasts and yummy nachos. We then walked around the high street and then we had a funny goof up with our gps, it lead us into small lanes and then finally into a dead end and it was a pain turning and getting out...finally we parked and we went to the Christ Church College, the famous place where the harry potter series was shot and must the entire place / dining hall was too good. Then we visited their Cathedral and did some shopping and walked down to the high street to visit Carfax tower, University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Radiffe camera, University of Oxford, Queens college, Trinity collage and finally some shopping at westgate plaza and we were off on our way back home...60 minutes later back in Guildford and few minutes later cosyly settled at home....

For more info click here
For more info on the University click here

Must do activity in Oxford are

1) Christ Church Tour

2) Carfax Tower

3) Radiffe Camera

4) University Church of St Mary the Virgin

5) Sheldonian Theatre

etc etc...

Carfax Tower-----------------------------------Oxford High Street

Christ College Church-------------------------------Cathedral

Christ College Church(Hogwarts Hall)-------------------------Radiffe Camera

Happy travelling.

Update 27/12/2008: Free ticket to Windsor Castle??? If you have visited Windsor Castle before, you need to get a get a form stamped and take that with the ticket of the last time, you will get a free entry the next time. This is valid for a year.

The entire picture set can be found in the below link


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Quantum of Solace - need some solace indeed

Quantum of Solace released in the UK, Paris and Sweden earlier than the US or around the world, a week earlier to gain some better ratings. Daniel Craig as usual portrays the human bond factor better than ever, though he kills anybody who moves in front of him mercilessly.

Quantum of Solace one of the first ever close sequels to the previous bond movie (Casino Royale) was a story written and planned when the shooting of Casino Royale was already underway. This one has none of the standard bond gadgets which disappoints majorly for the gadget fans and the techy viewers. The theme music and the opening score don’t get you too involved and is not something that you will remember and hum on your way back home. It was supposed to be done by Amy Winehouse who had to be replaced as she was unwell. Quantum of Solace is the shortest ever bond movies running for about 106 minutes.

Quantum of Solace broke some records in the UK, the highest opening ever at 8 million $ on the opening Friday the 31st of October with the England royals gracing the inaugural opening show hmm a grand royal opening indeed. Quantum of Solace which has attracted attention over its entire period of making with suspicions of voodoo haunting as many of their star technicians and stunt masters have been hurt many a times. For those who think Bond movies are just about music, some action and gadgets you are wrong it’s a pretty tough period of difficult shooting, grandiose sets and tough stunts. Craig as he said at the launch of the shooting "I'm going to get hurt in January - just after filming on his second outing as 007 had commenced and after nine grueling months Craig has his right arm in a sling after a shoulder operation, having also severed his fingertip and had eight stitches in his face after being accidentally kicked by one of his co-stars. This is the just a small example of work that goes into these movies and the hard work that they put in for us to have 2 hours of thrilling entertainment.

Though Quantum of Solace might be the shortest bond movie ever it packs maximum locations (ever in a single bond movie) where the movie was shot, and must add many locations look very beautiful.

Fleming wrote only 12 Bond novels and eight short stories before his death in 1964, and this one is based vaguely on a short story, the other bond movies have spanned a period over 46 years. This movie is more of personal vendetta where Bond goes on to avenge his earlier lover’s murderer who poses as an environmentalist and planning several coups in several countries and is assisted by Olga Kurylenko who wants to avenge her dads murder.
Nice fight sequences but nothing to keep you to keep gripping your seat in tension nor nothing to remember as you get back home. A nice entertainer to while away some time.

Wait till the next bond movie comes out in 2010 ...a long wait for the bond fans...

Courtesy, reviews and more info,2933,445948,00.html,8599,1855662,00.html


The other Craig Daniel movie to watch out for : Defiance - a world war II movie based on a true story -

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Takeaway from a play

Recently had been to a play from the house/makers of Chicago. The play was Cabaret, a.k.a Welcome to Berlin.

What a lovely experience to watch the play in the mecca of plays in the European continent, plays, musicals are regular activities for the locals.

Wayne Sleep as Emcee and Samantha Barks as Sally Bowles don't disappoint nor the great choreography and dazzling outfits; Since its Broadway premiere in 1966 and the famous movie version with Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Joel Grey, Cabaret has won a staggering number of stage and screen awards including 8 Oscars, 7 BAFTAs and 13 Tonys.

Some of the ratings
'***** Genius' - The Independant
'**** Wonderful' - The Express
'**** Superb' - The Financial Times
'**** Sensational' - The Mail on Sunday
'**** Stunning' - The Sunday Express

To book tickets at the new Victoria theatre, Woking click here
For more info of the play, click here

The main takeaway (from a song) from this play and the main reason I started writing this is as follows,

The sun may shine and the moon may set,
You will learn to settle for what you get.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poverty - The state of having little or no money - Blog Action Day 08

Be tuned in, On October 15th we will write a small note on poverty...

To join the Blog Action Day - 2008
Visit here - Click here

Hope to make a difference to few lives.

Two contrasting scenarios

1) Me with a job, with a debit card, with some cash in my bank account

-- Yoo man, flash my card at anything that I feel like picking up, chocolates are at my mercy (my belly chocolates mercy), pick up unwanted things from the store, go on trips, waste money here and there...

2) Me without a job, without a debit card, without cash in my bank account
-- Take some money from my parents or friends, look longingly at things displayed at the store, buy good food once a month, and keep my old clothes as a heritage pocession, trying walking to humanly distant places...

Well the future is unpredictable, put yourself in different shoes, if it can happen to anyone it can happen to sure if you are reading this in your swanky new laptop, you will fit in the first category.

Let’s spend two minutes to really understand the vicious vices of poverty...
If you are born in a poor family you don’t get quality education not because your parents don’t want to, just because they can’t afford it, without a proper education you don’t get a job, without a proper job you are repeatedly sucked into poverty, generation after generation.

My 2 lines might sound like a drop of water explaining the might of a tsunami but if all drops decided to move away a tsunami would be just a wave licking your feet.

If financial instability can get certain financial giants crawling on their feet think of certain mere mortals, homeless, abandoned and sick. None of us would want to be in such a position, god forbid we get into such a position the only hope would be in the race of humans…
Some good person like you, anyone going ahead and helping them out personally or financially.

So what can you do…?

1) Promote micro finance - Micro finance refers to the provision of financial services to poor or low-income clients, including consumers and the self-employed.

There are many firms like example which give out money for the poor and give them a living and in return you get pretty decent interest rates, its a complete win-win situation. I can’t vouch for the above link; it is just an example which came to my mind.

2) Gift an education – Gift an education to a poor child, track their future. I am sure many organizations close to your house will be able to help you, else mail me and I will find a way for you.

3) Donate liberally – you get what you give, am not saying this a way of investing money, give someone 100 and be assured of 150 Nope, give people money if they want it and you have some in surplus, trust me it doesn’t hurt. Support & play with spastic children, read lessons to the blind during the weekends, teach for free for poor childen.
Example: /

Be happy with what you have and make others happy with what you have, remember its one life - live it to the fullest and make it memorable.

This is a organization run by my friends from college, please help if you can,

As I say
A penny donated (for the poor or the needy) is a penny well spent - MiM

Some past actions:


Monday, October 13, 2008

Wild thoughts of MiM!

Some wild thoughts running through me...

Chivalry - Courtesy towards women...

General Chivalry: Opening a door for a woman.....

Heights of Chivalry: Opening a .....door for a woman.....
but when the door leads to a men's rest room

Opening a door for a woman which leads to the men's rest room !

A penny saved is a penny earned - Benjamin Franklin

A penny donated (for the poor or the needy) is a penny well spent - MiM


Sunday, October 12, 2008

The England Srilanka connection…

The England Srilanka connection…

If you wondered what did England ever have to do with Srilanka other than the branded clothes, silver tip tea and explosive cricket you are wrong! There is a mini Srilanka based in Wembley Central, UK. I got lucky to grab a few seats in a 90000 capacity ground the Grand Wembley Stadium – Europe’s second largest stadium, with 2618 toilets, the maximum ever. I had booked tickets for the England vs. Kazakhstan FIFA world cup 2010 qualifier match. Before this match I have never seen close to 90000 people at a single place.

Saturday morning was a misty morning, had to drag myself out of bed to get ready and board the 9:17 train to Waterloo. Then changed tubes as easy as shuffling cards to get to Black Friars station and walked along the Thames River along some beautiful bridges – Black Friar Bridge opened by The Highness Queen Victoria. The embankment walk along from Waterloo / London Eye till the Tower bridge of London should take about 30 – 45 minutes depending on your speed….ranks as one of the best walks for seeing places and the quickest snapshot of London’s glory. We (Naveen and me) went and visited Tate Modern.
These were some words that I got to hear about Tate Modern “A visit to London isn’t complete without a trip to Tate Modern. Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary art from around the world is housed in the former Bank side Power Station on the banks of the Thames.
The awe-inspiring Turbine Hall runs the length of the entire building and you can see amazing work for free by artists such as Cezanne, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Giacometti, Rothko, Dali, Pollock, Warhol and Bourgeois. For opening times and location please see website.”
We did enjoy the place and the best part was that it was free to enter…some good things in life come free as well.

Then we visited GlobeShakespeare’s living place, where he used to write a lot and his theatre.

Then we walked on the cable bridge across Thames and went over to visit Paul’s Cathedral, a massive beautiful rendition of ancient architecture. Then we boarded the tube from Mansion house and after a few changes and meeting a few interesting characters some old, some young, some howling some dozing we reached Queens Park and then finally Wembley Central. We started seeing a lot of guys in England T Shirts and we started getting apprehensive if the England T shirt was a compulsory aspect to enter the stadium. We walked to Chennai Dosai with day long dreams of their meals and fish only to see that they have temporarily closed down with a vague reason saying that they don’t have electricity. But this was a blessing in disguise we started searching for more restaurants and any restaurant with the word ‘VEG’ on its display board turned me into their instant foe. We finally noticed the Srilankan connection, several Srilankan restaurants, we finally entered into Gana, café & restaurant – I have been to Kandy where the world famous Buddhist Temple is present with Buddha’s tooth relic and the famous Kandy Lake and tasted the extra tasty local meals (for Srilanka pictures click here). We ordered for some vadas, fish cutlets, a non veg meal and a veg meals and of course the legendary elephant drinks (the coca cola in Srilanka is a brand called elephant). The food was YUMMY, spicy and superb. We instantly decided we will be back in the evening for dinner. We paid and enquired from some England fans if the England Team T Shirts were compulsory and they said of course not. But still for the safety of our skulls we searched Wembley High Road for T shirts, finally ended picking up mufflers and caps with the England Flags proudly displayed. The entry into the stadium was as easy as getting into your pajamas and out.
For booking tickets
Wembley stadium was so beautiful that in first sight we were amazed to see something like this; the lush green fields the red chairs, words really can’t do justice. The stadium filled in and by 15 minutes of the kick off the stadium was jam packed. Before that the teams had warmed up and raring to go rather kicking to go. Terry was out and Ferdinand was the skipper. The crowd’s favorite was Lambert, Rooney, Theo, Gerrad, Ferdinand, Cole and the ever green Beckham. The first half was nice but goal less and I had horrid visions of watching a goal less match. The second half was goal full, goals pouring in as a leaking tap. The first was a header from Ferdinand second was a self goal from Kazakhstan (with some help from Rooney), third a header by Rooney, fourth a kick by Rooney and fifth a kick by Jermane Defoe. England gift wrapped a goal to Kazakhstan when Sabrykhan Kukeyev took advantage of a stray pass by Ashley Cole to give Kazakhstan some hope with just over 20 minutes remaining. Beckham though in late set up some superb goals; David Beckham replaced Walcott to give him his 106th cap, allowing the midfielder to draw level with Sir Bobby Charlton in third spot on England's all-time list of appearances.
All in all a true entertainer with Fabio Capello at the side of the field throwing in ideas, he must be a happy man.
It was nice to sing the England cheer song and clap along…though my voice is gone today.
The final count was 89,107 people.
We then fought our way over 90000 people and reached Wembley high road and after some Indian grocery shopping we were back in Gana – the Srilankan Café. We ordered vadda, Appam a.k.a Hoppers, Milk Hoppers, Chana Sambhol. Must say I have again fallen in love over Srilankan Food. Hope to be there again. Got back home by 12 after a tube and train journey and crashed in my bed under twin duvets for the fear of cold is always there.

Tate Modern -------------------------Tate Modern Art

Tate Modern Art ------------------------------------Tate Modern Art
(100 blocks 100 words 20 lines)

Globe -----------------------------Globe Entrance

London Bridges ------------------------ St Pauls Cathedral

Me with England Muffler --------------------------------- Wembley Stadium

Play Time ----------------------------------Naveen & Me

Gerrard -------------------------Flags & National Anthem


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Brighton - A day trip boon

Brighton is a town on the south coast of England and, with its neighbour Hove, forms the city of Brighton and Hove.

The ancient settlement of Brighthelmston dates from before the Domesday Book (1086), but it emerged as a health resort during the 18th Century and became a destination for day-trippers after the arrival of the railway in 1841.

Eight million tourists a year visit Brighton.

Must do activity in Bournemouth are

1) Take a tour of the Royal Pavilion - The stunning seaside palace of the Prince Regent (George IV), transformed by John Nash into one of the most dazzling and exotic buildings in the British Isles, is a must see.
Adult £8.50 Child (5-15) £5.10

2) Brighton Beach – Peeble beaches, lovely blue color water. The Brighton beach is featured in the Englands Top 10 beach destination.

3) Experience Amazonia at the Sea Life Centre – The entire aquarium is housed in a wonderful ancient hospital adding to the charm, with 150 species and 57 displays, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable day out for the whole family! From cute undulate rays and Submarine Adventures to giant turtles and Amazonia –the new rainforest mirror maze.
Adult £12.99
Child £8.99
5GBP off every ticket if you book the tickets online

4) Brighton Pier – A nice big pier with plenty of attractions...

5) Cruise in the sea / Fishing in the sea - I took the former and must say the ride was ok, nothing great...the fishing trip might have been better.
Adults £7.50
Seniors £6.50
Children £3.50
1½ HOUR MACKEREL FISHING TRIP: £12.00 per person.
£2.00 *Rod/Bait hire

6) Queens Park - It’s a famous park as well.

7) Lanes - Lanes : In between North Street and Grand Junction Road.

Let me let the pictures do some speaking...

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Different Perspective

Royal Pavilion

Lanes of Brighton

The Cricketers

What Color is this?

Up close with the pier!

Why me?


Brighton Beach

Marine Drive

Who else?

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Let me end with a nice quote that I heard yesterday:
It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.
-- Mark Twain