Sunday, November 02, 2008

Quantum of Solace - need some solace indeed

Quantum of Solace released in the UK, Paris and Sweden earlier than the US or around the world, a week earlier to gain some better ratings. Daniel Craig as usual portrays the human bond factor better than ever, though he kills anybody who moves in front of him mercilessly.

Quantum of Solace one of the first ever close sequels to the previous bond movie (Casino Royale) was a story written and planned when the shooting of Casino Royale was already underway. This one has none of the standard bond gadgets which disappoints majorly for the gadget fans and the techy viewers. The theme music and the opening score don’t get you too involved and is not something that you will remember and hum on your way back home. It was supposed to be done by Amy Winehouse who had to be replaced as she was unwell. Quantum of Solace is the shortest ever bond movies running for about 106 minutes.

Quantum of Solace broke some records in the UK, the highest opening ever at 8 million $ on the opening Friday the 31st of October with the England royals gracing the inaugural opening show hmm a grand royal opening indeed. Quantum of Solace which has attracted attention over its entire period of making with suspicions of voodoo haunting as many of their star technicians and stunt masters have been hurt many a times. For those who think Bond movies are just about music, some action and gadgets you are wrong it’s a pretty tough period of difficult shooting, grandiose sets and tough stunts. Craig as he said at the launch of the shooting "I'm going to get hurt in January - just after filming on his second outing as 007 had commenced and after nine grueling months Craig has his right arm in a sling after a shoulder operation, having also severed his fingertip and had eight stitches in his face after being accidentally kicked by one of his co-stars. This is the just a small example of work that goes into these movies and the hard work that they put in for us to have 2 hours of thrilling entertainment.

Though Quantum of Solace might be the shortest bond movie ever it packs maximum locations (ever in a single bond movie) where the movie was shot, and must add many locations look very beautiful.

Fleming wrote only 12 Bond novels and eight short stories before his death in 1964, and this one is based vaguely on a short story, the other bond movies have spanned a period over 46 years. This movie is more of personal vendetta where Bond goes on to avenge his earlier lover’s murderer who poses as an environmentalist and planning several coups in several countries and is assisted by Olga Kurylenko who wants to avenge her dads murder.
Nice fight sequences but nothing to keep you to keep gripping your seat in tension nor nothing to remember as you get back home. A nice entertainer to while away some time.

Wait till the next bond movie comes out in 2010 ...a long wait for the bond fans...

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