Monday, November 10, 2008

Windsor Castle and Oxford

Had been to a 1000 year old castle - Windsor castle this weekend for a day visit. A few of us from office rented a car and off we went in a Vauxhall Vectra to visit the Castle, in Windsor in the county of Berkshire. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and is the oldest in continuous occupation.We were surprised to know that the castle's floor area is approximately 484,000 square feet hmm pretty spacious. It is really a place to see with the grand interiors and great architecture and grandiose designs. Were fortunate to spot a few Indian crowns, swords and artifacts from India. The doll rooms and the palace insides are marvelous, words just cant describe them nor pictures as photography is banned in the insides of the palace to preserve the old art and other designs.
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Must do activity in Windsor are

1) Take a tour of the Windsor Castle - The castle takes about 3-4 hours on a average.

2) St Georges Chapel - The chapel is very beautiful and can be visited with the same ticket of the castle.

3) Guard Change - Try catching the guard change, happens on particular dates and only if the weather permits.

4) Eton College

5) Royal - Windsor Great Park

Windsor Castle

Outside Windsor Castle

St George Chapel

Guard Change

From Windsor we drove down to Oxford, the only place where the Thames river is called The Isis. Oxford has always been a term well heard surrounding the heights of education, well the University of Oxford, which is one of the earliest universities in the English speaking world (around the 12th century). Oxford is a nice old town with grand buildings and many places to visit and roam around for a day. We had food at pizza hut or must I say pasta hut, I had some Pasta with Arrabiata Sauce and chicken breasts and yummy nachos. We then walked around the high street and then we had a funny goof up with our gps, it lead us into small lanes and then finally into a dead end and it was a pain turning and getting out...finally we parked and we went to the Christ Church College, the famous place where the harry potter series was shot and must the entire place / dining hall was too good. Then we visited their Cathedral and did some shopping and walked down to the high street to visit Carfax tower, University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Radiffe camera, University of Oxford, Queens college, Trinity collage and finally some shopping at westgate plaza and we were off on our way back home...60 minutes later back in Guildford and few minutes later cosyly settled at home....

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Must do activity in Oxford are

1) Christ Church Tour

2) Carfax Tower

3) Radiffe Camera

4) University Church of St Mary the Virgin

5) Sheldonian Theatre

etc etc...

Carfax Tower-----------------------------------Oxford High Street

Christ College Church-------------------------------Cathedral

Christ College Church(Hogwarts Hall)-------------------------Radiffe Camera

Happy travelling.

Update 27/12/2008: Free ticket to Windsor Castle??? If you have visited Windsor Castle before, you need to get a get a form stamped and take that with the ticket of the last time, you will get a free entry the next time. This is valid for a year.

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