Monday, April 28, 2014

(Updated) Wireless Movie Display, Google Chromecast and Media Servers (Updated)


Have always had the problem of wirelessly transferring video from my laptop to my TV. In the past have used wired cables and viola the laptop becomes a captive until the movie ends.

Recently read about the Google Chromecast and had a chance to buy one, BTW it is available on Amazon India website -


Really loved the ease of setup via the laptop and the android phone. Easy to cast from the chrome browser and from apps such as youtube etc.

Right now there aren’t options for screen mirroring, but with the SDK being open to all, guess it is a matter of time before we see some innovative cool games and apps being rolled out.

Also for local media server I am running the Plex Media server and it is quite awesome - 




Chromecast has added support to cast entire screen - still in beta stage

Some Android apps which are nice to use with Chromecast,

Google Photowall


All Cast

Jamo (ios)


Dayframe (Chromecast Photos)


Chrome Browser App

1) Videostream for Google Chromecast™ - To stream several file formats to the chromecast.

Monish Matthias