Monday, February 02, 2009

Photography Quotes...

Some sayings on photography...

Without photography the memories fade faster - MiM

Cameras are like pens, it’s the hands that hold them that really matter. - MiM

Without photography the memories fade faster - MiM

Photography gives freedom to all the trapped souls - MiM

Photography is an extension of the dreams that we see with our eyes. - MiM

Photography empowers you, for taking a shot you don't need to get approval from your boss - MiM

Photographers are like rattlesnakes, all you hear is click – click - click - MiM

Photography is a complex algorithm each shot is a culmination of efforts between the eye, the mind, the brain and the finger. - MiM

Photography is the nemesis to the oblivion that we show to the environment around us. - MiM

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