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humour @ its best

few nice ones from the latest RD issue.....

What with the crowded quarters in economy class, I cant blame the airline passengers for asking flight attendants for free upgrades to first class. On a recent fully booked flight, a passenger stopped me with hat in hand, "is there any way I can get bumped up to first class?" he pleaded.

I shook my head, "not unless we hit turbulence". ------------------------Suzanne R

As a business writing instructor, I read a lots of resumes. Inevitably, I run across some students with skills no employer could pass up, such as:

  • The young paramedic who "makes life-threatening decisions on a daily basis".
  • A child care worker who can "overlook up to 35 children at one time".
  • An enterprising young woman who is "flexible enough to perform in all manner of positions if the situation gets desperate". -----------Autumn C
When a car blew past a stop sign at a busy intersection, my uncle, a traffic policeman, gave chase and pulled the driver over.
"Didn't you see the stop sign back there?" my uncle asked ....yeah " I saw it," admitted the driver. The problem is, I didn't see you. ---------- Michael H

Sign seen in a church while leaving a seat to get to the altar "Please don't leave your personal things unattended lest someone assume that these are the answers to their prayers" --- Biebvenido G

The sheriffs race is on and the leading candidates name is ASKEW and his slogan is "A New Direction"


I have read/taken the following content from

1) Readers Digest

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IAN FLEMING - published on 1953


Having watched the living daylights,license to kill, diamonds are forever, live and let live, golden eye, tomorrow never dies, the world is not enough and die another day, Casino Royale came as a dampener on the 'TECHIE BOND MOVIE' front. Daniel Craig the first blond on the same list with Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery , Pierce Brosnan and others has done nothing wrong to add to his reputation, muscle fletching, handsome and has acted well. Casino Royale is based upon the first book of Ian Fleming the creator of the James Bond character published in 1953. For those who go to watch the bond movies for the
Aston Martin
turn into wonder machines and do miracles this movie has only few scenes, one where it helps Bond recover from a cardiac arrest when he's poisoned and another where the car crashes at a terrifying speed.

The other drastic change is where the earlier Bond always wanted his drink well shaken and not stirred while we have the new Bond saying 'I don't care whether its shaken or stirred' and the new bond recites a quick recipe for the drink, which I heard has boosted the sales of the drink in the real world by several folds.
Overall the movie has a nice sound storyline(I hope I haven't revealed the story any where above) with a few financial technicalities and romance also thrown in and as all Bond movies (except Dr NO) the Bond hasn't married the opposite female lead .

In India Casino Royale collected 149.4 million rupees (3.34 million dollars) in the first three days of its release, beating the previous highest record of 78 million rupees (1.74 million dollars) set by action movie "Spiderman 2" in 2004.

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quoted as a quote in quotes

These are few quotes which I thoroughly enjoy

I'd kill for a Nobel Peace prize.

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.

Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?

'Careful with that light at the end of the tunnel, it might be another train coming.'

'don't drink and drive you might spill your beer'

Constipated People Don't Give A crap.

I tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubes stuck in my nose

If Walking Is So Good For You, Then Why Does My Mailman Look Like Jabba The Hut?

Anger is one letter short of danger.

Treat me like an angel and I will be your little devil.


'If you die, I'll kill you!'

A repair shop:

Always behave like a DUCK - keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath. Jacob M. Braude

Our earth is degenerate in these latter days; bribery and corruption are common; children no longer obey their parents; and the end of the world is evidently approaching. - on a Sumerian Clay tablet, 3000 B.C

Irish Proverbs
A wild goose never reared a tame gosling.

After the game, the king and pawn go into the same box

'This man is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.'

'He's so clumsy, he could trip over a cordless phone'

He has left his body to science - and science is contesting the will - David Frost

I have read/taken the following quotes from

2) the book from the Readers Digest stable called 'Treasury of WIT & HUMOUR'


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moi article in 'THE HINDU'

1) ...dated the famous rather the infamous and sad day the 9/11

check the below link and have a glance.....

2. View on music albums

3. Hindu Education Plus Quiz Winner


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incredible INDIA

these are few pics which depict INDIA's incredible self....

courtersy - the internet and fwded mails


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fav ads ...

These are two of my fav all time unique ads ...

Heres the first, the true definition of "sound of music"

heres the second, the true definition of "mechanics-a world within"


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c for color c for cubicle....

We had a contest for coloring our cubicles in office and this is how my cubicle and few other cubicles looked...


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back after faulty probation period

umphhhh .... i made it ! ... by crawling back into the cyber space after huffing and puffing through the net after been put out of action due to some vague ban / goof up.

Why would they wanna block my small little space in the wide wild internet when there are other dirty & nasty sites...

Anyways am back on my feet so will be back with a bit of more stuff.


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do or die , prevail or perish

What is it that affects mankind irrespective of caste, creed, sex, age, literacy, status? Well, I would say it’s some kind of pollution air, water, land, noise, green cover …the list is never ending. The degree would be different as the rich would be shielded better against these troubles, as lack of rains, rise in temperature, etc. affects those less privileged such as the rural folk who are engaged in farming and cultivation for their livelihood.

Pollution as such is not a naturally occurring phenomenon so it has to have a cause which I would say is primarily us and again us. Let’s look at one thing at time air pollution – Have you seen the difference between the air in the roads outside Lalbagh garden and the air inside? The air inside is light, easier to breathe without too much of pollutants, dust and pollens.

We all do a bit of traveling to get to office and back home and you must have noticed the amount of smoke being belched out by autos, buses and lorries. Every vehicle is running on some fuel and giving out smoke which is raising the overall temperature of the earth, but that’s not the point if every vehicle gets their emission check done and keep their smoke to a minimal its going to be a paradise. Ok, now you and me can’t go and get the emission check done for everybody but you and I can get our vehicles checked for proper engine efficiency thus conserving fuel and minimizing the exhaust.

We know Bangalore is getting hot and temperature are raising, but when you stop at a signal how many of us switch off the engine and wait for the signal to come back to turn the engine on. Lakhs of litres (3.22 lakh/day to be precise) of petrol is being wasted /day just on waiting at the traffic lights. A small measure by keeping your air levels correct in your vehicles wheels goes a long way in saving fuel. If you observe the latest trend, even if some thing has to be bought from a shop about 5-10 minutes away from home people immediately take their bikes/cars. Let’s show some consideration by optimally using our vehicles and using our legs instead to get to places and get some exercise for ourselves. Or, one resort to car-pooling for office commutes and travel 4 to a car, thus saving precious fuel.

Noise pollution: Let’s have a test first. Have you ever driven to office or back home without once pressing on the horn? If not try it today not to press the horn while on your way back home. See for yourself how dependent you have become on the horn. It’s practically not possible to drive in cities without horn but judicial use of it would go a long way towards lowering the noise levels.

A few days back the sound audit reports for Bangalore were out and places like Majestic and MG Road had a decibel level of 85 against the maximum of 65. What does this do to you? Do you know each time your ear experiences a loud noise, hundreds of thousands of cells die in the ear? The report blames the bus, lorry drivers who keep their hands pressed constantly on the horn. It says constant exposure to noise pollution causes mental distress and affects one’s physical health, too. If you see some one honking without a proper reason, you should not hesitate to ask them to stop honking.

Water Pollution: Water pollution needn’t only mean pollution of water but also improper use. Water is a really precious resource which is running real dangerously close to low levels. Causes? Multiplexes with about 300+ houses which are coming in a block of land which would have otherwise housed a max of 10 – 15 independent houses. Now just try imaging the amount of water that these 300+ houses would be drawing from the block of land that would have housed only about 10-15 houses. Can you imagine the kind of stress on the water tables there? With the populations rising, there is no feasible way to get done with apartments but always these apartment members can be reasonable enough to take part in water conservation activities. The apartment should have a rain water harvesting plan in place just as in Chennai all constructions plans are approved only if the plans have a rain water harvesting scheme in it. Water let out during basic activities like shaving, brushing one’s teeth amounts to a difference of 15-20 litres between using a mug of water (about a litre) and using a running tap. A lot of water which we usually throw down the drain from cooking, etc., can be used for watering the plants.

By reducing the flame from high to simmer while boiling milk or water, reduces 25% of the gas used.

By switching off the TV or the monitor of the computer we can save up to 200 watts per hour.

Try using solar heaters instead of electric based heater for water.

Here are some tips that will help you conserve energy.

Energy Conservation

In the household...

  • Begin by switching off the lights and the fans in the rooms that are not occupied. Make sure that everyone in the family does the same.
  • Use CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) instead of ordinary incandescent lamps. These lamps may be more expensive but they last longer than the ordinary bulbs and are very energy efficient as they consume much less power.
  • Use the washing machine at full loads, as the consumption of water will be the same whether you put in half a load of clothes or a full load.
  • Mix hot water in the bucket for a bath rather than using a geyser shower. Showers consume more power and up to 90 litres of water for a bath.
  • Change the heat element in the geyser every 5–6 years; this will enable heating to be faster and also save valuable power.
  • Try using the air conditioner an hour or two less every day. Switch on the air conditioner only when you go into the room and switch it off after a few hours as the room will remain cool for the next few hours. Keep the doors and the windows shut even after it is switched off. Clean the filter at least once a fortnight. A choked filter means improper cooling and more power consumption.
  • Plug on your iron only after you get all your clothes together.
  • Replace traditional chokes of tube lights with electronic chokes. They save two-third energy lost in chokes.
  • Use light colors on the walls of your rooms; this helps reduce lighting requirements up to 40%.
  • Keep the lights and fixtures clean and dirt free. Dust and dirt reduce lighting levels by as much as 30%.
  • Clean and lubricate your fans regularly and replace old regulators with electronic regulators. This helps reduce electricity consumption significantly at low speeds.
  • Cool the food properly before storing in the fridge. Check on the gasket lining or the seal of the fridge. Avoid opening the door frequently. Defrost the fridge regularly, this reduces the power consumption.
  • Buy only those appliances that are essential and try to get the maximum benefit from them.

In the kitchen...

  • While cooking, use wide bottom vessels with lids. Allow food articles taken out of the refrigerators to attain room temperature before cooking them.
  • Soak cereals and dals for some time before cooking them to reduce the cooking time as well as the fuel consumption. Use just sufficient water for cooking.
  • Pressure cookers used with separators lead to substantial fuel saving. Reduce flame by bringing the burner knob to the simmer position as soon as the water starts boiling.
  • Try to eat together to avoid repeated warming of food. This not only saves fuel but also preserves the nutritional value of food.
  • Light the flame only after all preparations have been made and the vessel is ready to be put on the stove
  • Use hot water from solar water heaters for cooking if the facility is available. Try to use a solar cooker if facility and time permit.

Whenever you save energy – or use it more efficiently – you reduce the demand for gasoline, oil, coal, and natural gas. All these sources of energy are used to generate power. Less burning of these fossil fuels means lower emissions of carbon dioxide, the major contributor to global warming, and other harmful gases.

It has been estimated that good housekeeping measures, use of more efficient equipment, and better control methods can save 35%–40% electricity in the domestic sector.

Consumption levels of some commonly used appliances




Instant geyser

3000 W

3 units/hour

Immersion rod

1000 W

1 unit/hour

Air conditioner

1500–2500 W

8.5–14.5 units/day

Air cooler

170 W

1.7 units/day


60 W

0.6 unit/day


200 W

2 units/day

Electric kettle

1000–2000 W

1–2 units/hour

Hot plate

1000–1500 W

1–1.5 units/hour


1000 W

1 unit/hour


800 W

0.8 unit/hour


750 W

0.65–0.75 unit/hour

Incandescent bulb

100/60/40 W

0.5/0.3/0.2 unit/day

Fluorescent lamp

40/20 W

0.28/0.15 unit/day

Slim tube

36 W

0.26 unit/day

Compact fluorescent lamp

7/9/11/13 W

0.06–0.09 unit/day

Source Energy Management Centre, Ministry of Power, Government of India

Tips on Energy Savings

Lighting System

  • One of the best energy-saving devices is the light switch. Turn off lights when not required.
  • Many automatic devices can help in saving energy used in lighting. Consider employing infrared sensors, motion sensors, automatic timers, dimmers and solar cells wherever applicable, to switch on/off lighting circuits.
  • As for as possible use task lighting, which focuses light where it's needed. A reading lamp, for example, lights only reading material rather than the whole room.
  • Dirty tube lights and bulbs reflect less light and can absorb 50 percent of the light; dust your tube lights and lamps regularly.
  • Fluorescent tube lights and CFLs convert electricity to visible light up to 5 times more efficiently than ordinary bulbs and thus save about 70% of electricity for the same lighting levels.
  • Ninety percent of the energy consumed by an ordinary bulb (incandescent lamp) is given off as heat rather than visible light.
  • Replace your electricity-guzzling ordinary bulbs (incandescent lamps) with more efficient types. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use up to 75 percent less electricity than incandescent lamps.
  • A 15-watt compact fluorescent bulb produces the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Room Air Conditioners

  • Use ceiling or table fan as first line of defense against summer heat. Ceiling fans, for instance, cost about 30 paisa an hour to operate - much less than air conditioners (Rs.10.00 per hour).
  • You can reduce air-conditioning energy use by as much as 40 percent by shading your home's windows and walls. Plant trees and shrubs to keep the day's hottest sun off your house.
  • One will use 3 to 5 percent less energy for each degree air conditioner is set above22°C (71.5°F), so set the thermostat of room air conditioner at 25°C (77°F) to provide the most comfort at the least cost.
  • Using ceiling or room fans allows you to set the thermostat higher because the air movement will cool the room.
  • A good air conditioner will cool and dehumidify a room in about 30 minutes, so use a timer and leave the unit off for some time.
  • Keep doors to air-conditioned rooms closed as often as possible.
  • Clean the air-conditioner filter every month. A dirty air filter reduces airflow and may damage the unit. Clean filters enable the unit to cool down quickly and use less energy.
  • If room air conditioner is older and needs repair, it's likely to be very inefficient. It may work out cheaper on life cycle costing to buy a new energy-efficient air conditioner.


  • Make sure that refrigerator is kept away from all sources of heat, including direct sunlight, radiators and appliances such as the oven, and cooking range. When it's dark, place a lit flashlight inside the refrigerator and close the door. If light around the door is seen, the seals need to be replaced.
  • Refrigerator motors and compressors generate heat, so allow enough space for continuous airflow around refrigerator. If the heat can't escape, the refrigerator's cooling system will work harder and use more energy.
  • A full refrigerator is a fine thing, but be sure to allow adequate air circulation inside.
  • Think about what you need before opening refrigerator door. You'll reduce the amount of time the door remains open.
  • Allow hot and warm foods to cool and cover them well before putting them in refrigerator. Refrigerator will use less energy and condensation will reduce.
  • Make sure that refrigerator's rubber door seals are clean and tight. They should hold a slip of paper snugly. If paper slips out easily, replace the door seals.
  • When dust builds up on refrigerator's condenser coils, the motor works harder and uses more electricity. Clean the coils regularly to make sure that air can circulate freely.
  • For manual defrost refrigerator, accumulation of ice reduces the cooling power by acting as unwanted insulation. Defrost freezer compartment regularly for a manual defrost refrigerator.

Water Heater

  • To help reduce heat loss, always insulate hot water pipes, especially where they run through unheated areas. Never insulate plastic pipes.
  • By reducing the temperature setting of water heater from 60 degrees to 50 degrees C, one could save over 18 percent of the energy used at the higher setting.

Microwave Ovens & Electric Kettles

  • Microwaves save energy by reducing cooking times. In fact, one can save up to 50 percent on your cooking energy costs by using a microwave oven instead of a regular oven, especially for small quantities of food.
  • Remember, microwaves cook food from the outside edge toward the centre of the dish, so if you're cooking more than one item, place larger and thicker items on the outside.
  • Use an electric kettle to heat water. It's more energy efficient than using an electric cook top element.
  • When buying a new electric kettle, choose one that has an automatic shut-off button and a heat-resistant handle.
  • It takes more energy to heat a dirty kettle. Regularly clean your electric kettle by combining boiling water and vinegar to remove mineral deposits.
  • Don't overfill the kettle for just one drink. Heat only the amount of water you need.


  • Turn off your home office equipment when not in use. A computer that runs 24 hours a day, for instance, uses - more power than an energy-efficient refrigerator.
  • If your computer must be left on, turn off the monitor; this device alone uses more than half the system's energy.
  • Setting computers, monitors, and copiers to use sleep-mode when not in use helps cut energy costs by approximately 40%.
  • Battery chargers, such as those for laptops, cell phones and digital cameras, draw power whenever they are plugged in and are very inefficient. Pull the plug and save.
  • Screen savers save computer screens, not energy. Start-ups and shutdowns do not use any extra energy, nor are they hard on your computer components. In fact, shutting computers down when you are finished using them actually reduces system wear - and saves energy

Thanks for your time and I do hope that all of us make a conscious effort to conserve energy and natural resources right away rather than repent down the line. Let’s follow the principle of the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle/. Because prevention is better than cure, imagine a day without good water at your disposal due to water shortage, having to wear medical/ filter mask day in and day out due to air pollution, imagine having to cook on wood due to energy shortage, imagine 45-50 degree C temperature through out the year with regular 10+ hour power cuts every day. All this is not fiction and is bound to happen in a few years if we continue to be careless.

2. Source Energy Management Centre, Ministry of Power, Government of India

PS: This article might give you some hints, tips, facts and steps to save the environment and protect each one of us and our dear planet...lets join hands to create a difference...

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Ever Etched in Memory

the million $ question ???

How Did I Ever Get Into MindTree Consulting Pvt Ltd?

It was the campus Interview ‘Season’ in my college during my 4th yr of engineering i.e. around June 2004. Companies were coming with full ‘enthu’ and competing against every other company to clean shave the CREAM of each college, recruiting fresh pass outs oozing with unknown courage, high grades and uncertainty that was to greet each one of us. I had scraped through to the final rounds of few companies by sheer luck but stumbled at the pinnacle. At this point one fine evening we get this announcement that a company called MindTree from Bangalore -the IT hub is coming to Tamil Nadu for campus placement with one of the most decent pay scales in the industry. Immediately we the money starved ‘college dudes’ started dreaming of the pay scales and nothing about the work we would be doing and what it takes to get into these super performing companies. But the real dampener was that the interview; of all the 7 days available to one , it was scheduled on a Sunday but the happy part was that that the venue was in Vellore a journey of three hours from Chennai by bus with college friends (comparable to a picnic)and that breakfast and lunch would be sponsored by our college J .

We were supposed to board the bus at 4:45 AM in Thiruvanmiyur (a place in Chennai).

I kept the alarm for 4:15 but subconsciously very smartly without disturbing my sleep I switched it off only to be rudely awakened by a friend at 4:30 with whom I was supposed to go to the boarding point. I quickly got ready and packed my bag for the trip.

Contents of my bag

1. A bottle of water (what if they ask me way too many questions in the interview?)

2. Walkman (What if the journey gets boring?)

3. A electronics magazine ( is it even vaguely related to software? – Nooo .. I was an EEE Student)

Missing Contents of my bag

1. Curriculum Vitae ( High confidence that I would not have a need for it )

2. Certificates ( normal stuff which they expect in interviews )

Boarded the bus at 5: 15 and happy times with friends, at around 6 we asked the driver to stop for a cup of ‘chai’ this is when the turning point of this entire story happened I tried jumping from the steps of the bus holding the safety bar when the ring on my ring finger got caught in a ridge of the bus and I landed down on the road with my ring ripping part of my finger away. I was totally put off with blood trickling down my ring finger and we ran to the bus driver to gain access to the first aid box in the bus only to find his lunch box cozily placed there. So our kerchiefs became medicated gauze and water became antiseptic medicine. Finally we reached Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) and we had a hearty free breakfast courtesy our college.

The test started around 8:30 and I guess it was a 20- 30 minute test and the non computer science students were supposed to write logic/algorithms in normal English (life saver - 1) for the programming questions. After the written test we were supposed to attend the presentations by MindTree in the auditorium. Me and another set of friends told each other - hey presentations would help only those who are going to get into the company and not for us. So there we bunked (in college terms) and went and sat in VIT’s library for about an hour and then we decided to attend whichever part of the presentation was left. We had expected a boring session but as we neared the auditorium we were greeted by high pitches of laughter and claps that’s when we were intrigued by this company and we went and sat in the last rows of the auditorium and were thoroughly impressed with the casual yet intellectual approach of the company’s flag bearers at that venue. We then had a break for lunch and after that the results were out; the sky turned deep red in color, the earth stopped spinning for a minute because I was selected, all I saw in the hall were open gaping mouths at me.

One thing which I really felt bad at that point of time was that I would miss the day and night ODI between India and Sri Lanka.

We then entered the GD (Group Discussion) hall and tackled the subject given with maximum possible ferocity. All those who could get their hands out of their mouths and utter a few words of sense (maybe it’s also a check for verifying proper functioning of ones faculties) were selected by around 6 pm, And were made to wait for the final frontier ‘the Interview’.

After the GD I had to go to VIT’s in house clinic and get a tetanus shot & get my finger patched up.

But me the loner has several other responsibilities most important of all getting a CV done in quick time. So I approached the office of VIT and sat with few friends of VIT and they helped me get my CV done (life saver -2) in a matter of few minutes.

My final performance of the day came rather late in the evening around 9:45 PM. I entered the hall to see three senior people of MindTree waiting to check all my so claimed abilities; this is exactly the moment when my nervousness accelerated with negligible backtracking. But by gods grace initially they asked me all kinds of general questions by which I slowly started gaining my composure and finally they asked me some programming question for which I was about to write down what ever little I knew about that with my rehabilitating hand when the interviewer told me not to strain myself and just explain it orally(life saver -3) , so I spoke a ‘String Array’ of incoherent words and got away with it.

Finally at around 10:50 PM the recruiting team of MindTree came up with the lucky list of candidates which had a small place for my name too. I still don’t know whether the feeling that accompanied me during the reading of the list, was happiness or sheer shock.

And I boarded the bus for my return journey to Chennai having a great feeling of accomplishment, dreaming of my future stint with MindTree and still sitting in my desk in MindTree Bangalore I cherish and dream about that day Sunday July 18th 2004 VIT Vellore.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

cricket's Apathy

Even as India’s most successful captain is ousted and as a new captain takes charge under the sharp watchful eyes of a new coach , the cricket administration turns topsy turvy and a completely new cricket administration takes

over with a heavy touch of political power.

Does the cricket fever or the number of cricket fans reduce?…………

NEVER... why???

Because we as individuals are not that kind to be bothered over non personal issues for more than a day or two. We are not confident enough to say that this is what we want in the administration and demand for it and fight for it till it is accomplished. We, the so called hardcore cricket fans- are unaware about the actual functioning of the board of Indian cricket, how the elections happen, how much dirty politics is involved? Does that mean we are only interested in some fast paced action packed one day international? Yes. I would say many of us , may be including me, are of that kind who raise our eyebrows when we see a drastic change in the proceeding but more than that we are not bothered even if we know something is going wrong.

A group in Calcutta goes on a demonstration for their home town hero the big ‘dada’ Ganguly to be in the team while the rest of India is ‘ok’ with the harsh treatment meted out to India’s most successful ever captained. Some may say its fine, Ganguly wasn’t performing well, so he’s out but reality is, put yourself in his shoes- for example you are the star in your IT company coding unimaginable logic and doing great innovation but down the years with your hair graying you find that all most all your unimaginable unbreakable logic breaks and scores maximum number of ‘ex*******’ (exceptions) and you see your project manager (in cricket the coach) shouting at you frequently and shooting off a mail to the higher officials like say the CTO , COO stating how inefficient you are and as the story goes the email leaks out and the entire company staff play with it as a forward. Think about the mental strain you would be going through and what state would you be in to perform after that ? Wouldn’t one be in a nervous state after that to perform consistently and constantly with an overacting conscience which by itself would spoil all chances of success !!

This is the similar fate that been charted out by our cricket administration in India towards Ganguly. He was voted into the team by three of the selectors who were in turn voted out of the selection team due to the political fight of power to accommodate three new selectors who have never played test cricket. Is the cricket administration going in the right direction? ………… well, that’s the point over which you have to ponder real hard

Ps : This is a old(about 6 months) write up coming to the blog spot now.