Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bangalore Ration Card Online Registration

Bangalore government has launched the online registration (subject to verification and approval later) for ration cards, it was launched today (my guess).

 Education - WW2 Ration Card

If you have a ration card, it will help

Ø To obtain a LPG gas connection from the government vendors.

Ø As a Address proof




1) Go to and click on the ‘Click here to apply for new ration card

2) A 3-4 page form opens up, try filling it up using IE, even if you choose English some fields are in Kannada, use the translate to English feature in Chrome.

3) Some drop downs in Kannada don’t get translated even after using the Chrome feature, for them use and finally submit it and you can save the acknowledgement that gets generated at the end.

Let’s get the early mover advantage.

Hope it helps.




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