Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Outlook Reset Recover missing folders such as deleted and sent

Outlook Reset Recover missing folders such as deleted and sent


I started noticed missing folders and it wasn’t easy to recover them.


These two links solved my issue, hope this helps. 





Monday, June 06, 2016

Jurys First Runner Up award–Photography Contest

Some glad news.

I had officially taken a break from wildlife photography for 18 months. Eagerly waiting for the monsoon to kickstart the season for 2016.

In the meanwhile participated in the ICICI – Privilege Moments photography contest ( Naturally in the wildlife category.


Pleasant surprise when they called me and told me that I had won ‘something’ – later the official announcement and the position was announced on their website.

I won the Jury’s First Runner Award. The Jury is below,


The winners page screen shot below -


And the winning image is,



Hope I make some nicer images this monsoon… wish me luck…


PS: The other special mention award that this image won. -

New Blog Writing Client

For those who have loved Windows Live Writer and frustrated with the lack of updates, upgrades and the recent login (2FA) issue with Blogger.


I am trying this new tool called Open Live Writer -


So far very smooth. Hope it stays the same.