Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Furs Fins And Feathers Agumbe Article

Very happy to say that few pictures from my Agumbe Rainforest Expedition with Amogh has been published in the Magazine -'Furs Fins & Feathers' January 2011 Edition. Few quotes attributed to me are also present. Attaching the scanned version of the article, hope you like it.

PDF Document
My Article - Furs Fins & Feathers Magazine

The Link of the pdf download is here

The entire Agumbe Rainforest Trip Report with pictures and video is here


Monday, January 03, 2011

Generosity Grace & 2011

Just encountered a small incident and wanted to share it with you all,

I went and bought an Elaneer-neer version - tender coconut with no coconut version, the vendor was sitting by the road side with a towel on his head to protect himself from the surprisingly scorching heat of Bangalore. He cut one and accidentally spilled a little juice out maybe 20%, I wasn't perturbed and I started drinking the juice. He quickly started cutting another small tender coconut and I noticed that I was the only guy there, he offered it to me and I asked him WHY? he said Sir, by mistake I spilled the juice from the first one and hence cut the second one for you. I was pleasantly surprised by his extremely cultured behavior, by his superior customer engagement skills or must I say as in Management parlance Customer Delight, by his generosity (from a man whose margins are in numbers of coconut inventory held / sold), by his grace. Maybe like in the book alchemist, these are all hidden messages for all of us to grab, adopt, learn & use.

In that note may I wish you all a healthy wealthy prosperous successful joy filled active new year 2011. May we all be generous and filled with grace in all activities that we do.

Ray o Ray