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humour @ its best

few nice ones from the latest RD issue.....

What with the crowded quarters in economy class, I cant blame the airline passengers for asking flight attendants for free upgrades to first class. On a recent fully booked flight, a passenger stopped me with hat in hand, "is there any way I can get bumped up to first class?" he pleaded.

I shook my head, "not unless we hit turbulence". ------------------------Suzanne R

As a business writing instructor, I read a lots of resumes. Inevitably, I run across some students with skills no employer could pass up, such as:

  • The young paramedic who "makes life-threatening decisions on a daily basis".
  • A child care worker who can "overlook up to 35 children at one time".
  • An enterprising young woman who is "flexible enough to perform in all manner of positions if the situation gets desperate". -----------Autumn C
When a car blew past a stop sign at a busy intersection, my uncle, a traffic policeman, gave chase and pulled the driver over.
"Didn't you see the stop sign back there?" my uncle asked ....yeah " I saw it," admitted the driver. The problem is, I didn't see you. ---------- Michael H

Sign seen in a church while leaving a seat to get to the altar "Please don't leave your personal things unattended lest someone assume that these are the answers to their prayers" --- Biebvenido G

The sheriffs race is on and the leading candidates name is ASKEW and his slogan is "A New Direction"


I have read/taken the following content from

1) Readers Digest

Friday, December 01, 2006

IAN FLEMING - published on 1953


Having watched the living daylights,license to kill, diamonds are forever, live and let live, golden eye, tomorrow never dies, the world is not enough and die another day, Casino Royale came as a dampener on the 'TECHIE BOND MOVIE' front. Daniel Craig the first blond on the same list with Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery , Pierce Brosnan and others has done nothing wrong to add to his reputation, muscle fletching, handsome and has acted well. Casino Royale is based upon the first book of Ian Fleming the creator of the James Bond character published in 1953. For those who go to watch the bond movies for the
Aston Martin
turn into wonder machines and do miracles this movie has only few scenes, one where it helps Bond recover from a cardiac arrest when he's poisoned and another where the car crashes at a terrifying speed.

The other drastic change is where the earlier Bond always wanted his drink well shaken and not stirred while we have the new Bond saying 'I don't care whether its shaken or stirred' and the new bond recites a quick recipe for the drink, which I heard has boosted the sales of the drink in the real world by several folds.
Overall the movie has a nice sound storyline(I hope I haven't revealed the story any where above) with a few financial technicalities and romance also thrown in and as all Bond movies (except Dr NO) the Bond hasn't married the opposite female lead .

In India Casino Royale collected 149.4 million rupees (3.34 million dollars) in the first three days of its release, beating the previous highest record of 78 million rupees (1.74 million dollars) set by action movie "Spiderman 2" in 2004.