Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spread the festive cheer to all...

Eid just over Deepavali around the corner Christmas fast approaching...Shopping ...clothes...sweets...crackers...cards... forwards...sms's... TV shows...oil baths...Xmas trees...Cakes... the list might go on and on.

Festivals are the source of many a get together s, happy times shared among relatives and friends. In this riot of colors and fun times do we forget the ones who really serve us for a long period of a year?

Do you remember the one who empties your dustbin day after day at office, the one who serves you coffee / tea day after day with a smile, the one who keeps your rest room sparkling clean, the one who salutes you as you enter office, the one who drives you to office amidst the maddening traffic???

Wont it be nice if we can voluntarily group ourselves as Project level / Account level / Floor level / location level group and pool in some money and get some clothes(a shirt/Saree), sweets/gift for the identified people. It will spread a true feeling of good will and a true festive feeling to all, also it will really resound well with our resolution of social responsibility.

Lets join to spread the festive cheer uniformly among all...


2008: A large number of us got into the act and gifted Shirts, Sarees and cash to the personnel from the housekeeping and pantry department, lets continue spreading the festive joy & cheer.

2007: 1) exactly seven days later we (about 15 of us) pooled money and got gifts - shirts/sarees and sweets for all the support staff in our floor...yippee...plan execution was good...
Many sincere thanks to all the contributors and friends who helped to make the execution as perfect as possible.

2) Another project team implemented the same in their floor.

Wish you all a very happy diwali...


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