Monday, January 14, 2008

Yesteryears ....a phase ....phasing out....

One fine() day around 1460 days back, at college, I get fined for not wearing my necktie properly, maybe I also didn't display my ID card, so for a plethora of VAGUE reasons I get caught by this 'Uniformed reformer' Oops I ain't referring to mushy Mushie a self proclaimed reformer in uniform, this uniformed reformer is of a lesser kind/breed who doesn't have too many automatic weapons other than a log book where he books me and writes off about 600 seconds in my short life span... This delays me for my next session/class of some boring lecture - must have been on some electron having a partial amnesia and moving to some state like excited etc, BTW who's bothered whether a electron is excited or not - well I wasn't then. Now the lecturer barks at me for coming in late and declares to the world that am like that only irregular even in breathing - now thats heights of complaining...So muttering under my breath *****; *********; *** etc I get to my place, yes U guessed right the last bench, where my bench mate was already snoring away to glory and in this sleep itself he groans and moan and says ******** why the hell are u waking me up? As if waking him up was my life long ambition or my aspiration in life...anyways I didn't want to add him to my long list of life's pain...As I sit in boredom and wonder whether I should doze off or day dream ...I decide ...enough is enough - time to write about my punishment and in the last page of my lone notebook I write the below writeup....which I found while cleaning my loft on Saturday - 12/1/2008, this would be an ancient relic as it now dates back to 4 years, exact figures are expected after the carbon dating don't ask me whether carbons also date ....u will have to contact my monstrous Chemistry teacher who didn't know the periodic table too well.......

1460 days back(Carbon dating results expected)

College - A bad company

It may seem to be the best,
But in fact it is the worst.

After 50 years of independence,
All we have is dependence.

rules rules rules

Oppression & suppression at its maximum,
Free expression at its minimum.

Good food is being provided for physical existence,
No food is being provided for happy mental existence.

Discipline Discipline Discipline

They say discipline is everything,
But we say discipline without freedom is nothing.

Misplaced ID cards, Unshaved bristles, No lab coats,
It becomes a matter of life and death in their discipline court.


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