Thursday, December 16, 2010

Places around Bangalore

What to do in Bangalore?

What places to visit near Bangalore?

Day trips near Bangalore?

Driving short trips near and around Bangalore?

Several friends usually ask for details relating to outings, day trips, driving short hauls etc, and I had got this attachment as a forward and decided this might be helpful to all.

Enjoy the beautiful places, be a clean and responsible traveler, leave the place as you found it.

Source: Internet Forward



1-THE-NA said...

Picture was not visible. it comes as html coded file

1-THE-NA said...

Picture was not visible. it comes as html coded file

mM said...

Click the File on the menu at the top and download the file. Google docs has changed the way they render a HTML file.

snigdha G said...
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pawankalyan said...

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sitara kumari said...

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mM said...

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sitara kumari said...

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Danny y said...

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