Saturday, January 11, 2014

India Post–Good Service

Why pay hefty charges to private courier services when the government based India Post does such a good job. Very good service at the counter, super cheap charges. Their complaint resolution is also super professional / fast. However the one disadvantage that I see is the tracking website of India Post is very slow in getting updated, for which I have a workaround for currently the USA.


I have been sending registered post’s to the USA and they have been reaching on time and safe.




Tracking postal mails sent via India post - 


Even after 30 days sometime the tracking will show as in progress but in reality they have reached the destination.

Work around – go to and enter the registered post tracking number and voila you can see the latest update on details of your registered postal mail.


Complain to get India Post to investigate - 

Location details of your nearest post office - 


Overall I am starting to love government offices and their services. Is it just me ?

Monish Matthias

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