Monday, October 30, 2017

Postman and data driven testing


Not sure if you have used this, I recently tried this while trying / testing something for my product and it works great.

My need – to have incremental runs of the same test cases / fire the same request, with different data in the request. The data needs to be driven by a CSV file. Didn’t want to write custom java code for this…

Feature Used – Collection Runner of Postman -

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· Environmental variables work great within postman

· You can add custom JS code as pre-test steps / post-test steps.

· Recurring runs, with data driven input like CSV files work well with Collection Runner

· You can have results flow from one test case to another and create test flows / sequences.

· You can parse JSON responses and write to Chrome Console, however you need to enable it - | |

· There is a standalone desktop version with its own console -

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