Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Dream Campaigns

I have had a few revolutionary campaigns brewing up in my mind rather I could say in my heart.

"Campaigns are successful even if they can get a few people read the entire idea" - mm

RR Campaign - RETURN the RUBBISH

How many of us have seen people from buses, car's, auto's throw trash or rubbish outside and just move on. And when you overtake them and look inside you will see that they are stylish, educated (yet moronic) (if you strain your nostrils you can smell their cheap perfume / deo)

This campaign aims to return the rubbish back to them, out comes a cup from the window, pick it up and hand it over to me you would have just reformed a habitual offender.

VV Campaign - VOICE to the VIOLATOR

How many of us have seen vehicle owners show utter disregard to the traffic rules, they look around to spot if there are cops and then vroom speed away with little regard to the traffic lights and people either crossing or vehicles coming dutifully obeying the rules. Again here there is a healthy competition between the literate and illiterate.

This campaign aims to honk your horn or raise your voice when ever you see someone trying to violate the rules... this treatment takes a time to treat the offender, but be the catalyst to start this chain reaction.

And yes there is a saying "Be the change that you want to see in others"

Hope we from the blogosphere can get these campaigns see the light of the day and make life peaceful for fellow human beings.

Be the guiding light / guiding force!
Enlighten yourself



Karthick Prabu said...

RR: These violators are so stupid. What should we do if they dont accept it / don't even stand to listen to us / laugh at us? Trust me, one of the above will happen. After all, its India.

Have been doing since ages. No improvement. 0%. The violators won't even mind that we are honking coz of his violation, India is used to honking on roads, so violators will think 'someone is honking' and will not even respond. Things like this work in a country where honking is looked as offence (US, UK types).

Gauri said...

"Walk the footpath" - this is my campaign. Most footpaths in crowded spaces are covered by vendors and hawkers leaving no space to walk. then there is one line of cars parked. so people are literally forced to walk in the middle of road. I think everyone shud walk on footpath, after it belongs to pedestrians.

mM said...

1) times are changing, if ppl don't change the onus is on everyone to take a step forward...(many drops make a ocean :))
Instead of honking shout your throat out :)

2) If I may... lets keep it rhyming...

FF Campaign - Follow the Footpath!

Great suggestion, India is one of the few countries which has extensive footpaths and we need to use them...I usually try my best to use them and have a stress free walk and also allow vehicle drivers to have a good time....