Monday, August 31, 2009

The extra mile...

I am still wondering if the service provided by my favorite GSM provider - Airtel was an act of going the extra mile in customer support / satisfaction or going the extra mile in senseless activities.

Call from customer care (CC): Hallo may I speak to M?
M: Yes this is M.
CC: This is regarding your complaint that you have registered at the customer care.
M: (scratching my head), now which complaint was this, tariff change? service activation? DND?...(anyways) YES tell me.
CC: Now is your connection and network coverage issue proper?
M: (I was surprised that they proactively cover everyone's network and in a hurry check my tower signal bar on the phone and see that it is ready to burst out of the phone) Yes it is fine. What was my complaint regarding?
CC: Sir, you have complained about your network coverage in ABC area.
M: uhhhhhhhhh? hmmmm? Are you serious?
CC: Yes sir.
M: Yes the network coverage is long gone, but I want to tell you something, this was a complaint given in the mid of 2007 and you are calling me regarding this a cool 2 years later. (Anyways thanks for remembering)
CC: Sorry for the inconvenience, is there anything else that you would to know from us.
M: No
CC: If you have any query please call 1234455 to get your queries answered, thank you and have a good day sir.
M: Wish you too a good day.

Bright and Shining till retirement

Makes me wonder if they are doing a great job in resolving all issues or are they having some ancient process / systems thats making their good intent to serve people go wrong. Are they losing on money, time, customer good will and above all are they barking on the wrong tree???

Can we apply Business Process Management (BPM) here?
ps: Yes I just finished a training program on BPM.



Karthick Prabu said...


Resolution after 2 years. I filed a complaint (about amount being deducted from prepaid balance for airtel live usage, but i never used) in Airtel head office in Chennai. It was way back in 2006 October I guess. Still, no news on that.

Airtel - Depress yourselves.

Naveen K M said...

Very very funny .. But glad to hear that they responded ..I want to re-use their tracking mechanism..