Friday, August 07, 2009

Flower Enthusiast or Macro Photographer

Does it matter if you are a flower enthusiast or a macro maniac sorry I meant macro photographer??? The place to be is The Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore.

The flower show revolving around the Independence day celebrations in India has started. It is really worth a visit, but remember people travel from far to see this show so there will be a crowd. Try being there at around 8:30 and get into the glass house at 9;00 when it opens. If you go early you will be lucky to see all the butterflies having their morning snack - nectar and flowers in full bloom and not many to disturb your angles and your macro's.

PS: Will post my 2009 pictures soon.


A Fishy Affair
Red Handed

My Lalbagh Set - 2007
My Photostream

BB - beautiful butterfly

brighter than the SUN - sunflower

Real ?? Painting?? no clue


For more history, address and details on Lalbagh,

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Deepak said...

The third pic has a gr8 composition.