Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rock Agama - Part 2

My interest in this species started off a few months back when I was walking near a empty plot in JP Nagar 7th Phase, I spotted the colorful male and a few days later spotted the beautiful black and white female. This pair remained elusive for a couple of weeks and finally I could spot them and photograph them.

I usually commute to office via Kannakapura road and then through the Thurahalli range. Once while returning back home, I decided to take a deviation away from my usual route to do a bit of birding. In this route suddenly I saw a couple of lizards and rock agama’s basking in the sun.

For more read here -

A snapshot of pictures, the complete 2 - 3 weeks of tracking is in the above link.

An unusual Pair

Lying in wait

Hunched look



Suresh P said...

super article and feel pity of them..

Deepak Venkatesan said...

Dude, nice captures, both the first and the second part.
So, the first one looks a little differently colored. I suppose both are males. And, the female might not be so colorful. Am i right?

And, thanks for identifying this for me. I had spotted one in the hills of Doddaballapur recently. Sad that it was chased away by an insensitive friend before I could get some good shots. Anyway, here is what I could manage:

Ur office on Kanakapura road, wow, that is really a nice place to have ur office in. Nice birds, and now reptiles too. Enjoy maadi!

mM said...

@Deepak Thanks Bro...yes the males are the multi colored and the female has a dull brown / Black - White combination.

Your one shot was neat...sad you couldn't get more of this guy...

Yes my office is on Mysore road so take the Kannakapura road to enjoy nature...