Wednesday, April 28, 2010

React or Respond ?

I don't know if this is a reaction or a response to the forwarded email that I got today.

The email content screamed - "An intelligent person responds; a fool reacts." Now it was my turn to check if I was a fool, if I react or respond.

English Meaning
React: Show a response or a reaction to something;Act against or in opposition to
Respond: Show a response or a reaction to something;React verbally;Respond favorably or as hoped

When the meaning is so very similar in fact they are synonyms what is the main difference, the key lies right above in their meanings.

Do take note of the key words against & favorably - this is the key differentiator between the two words.

React means you are against something and you are giving out something not favorable to the other party. Well when I think of myself I can relate to myself reacting many a times and responding many a times. I react when I get offended, when I am upset, when I am hurt. I respond when I am normal, when I am happy, when things are going smooth. I would say it is human nature to align oneself towards this behavior. Can't term one as a fool or intelligent. But having said that am sure a more stable and mature individual will have a very high percentage of response rates rather than react back rates.

Anyways here is the forwarded mail, decent read, read and learn. [Click to look at the bigger, clear image]

I guess I choose to respond and not react.




Karthick Prabu said...

Useful thought.

Yes, I agree with your point that its human nature to incline towards respond / react.

Honestly, I do it 50-50 (response-react). People like Subroto might be a 80-20 guy or may be 90-10 guy.

Btw, this is a page from the mindblowing magazine called "Frozen Thoughts". Close to my heart mag.

mM said...

True KP, really takes immense patience to improve one’s ratio's...

And thanks for letting me know the Mag's name...

Luca Li Greci said...

Hi Monish!

How you doing? Hope you are very well!

I have read your blog (some articles) and in particular "React or Respond? Intelligent or Not?".

Thanks for that, it was very helpful and thought-provoking.

Cheers mate.

Ursula said...

Celebrate a nature with a natural reaction. Possibly the intelligent, being intelligent, are able to respond and also react, depending on the urgency.
How are things with you? Ursula

pocket zone said...

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