Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CCC - Corporate Creative (Writing) Competition

A Corporate Creative Writing Competition was conducted by ICICI.

Topic for the write-up : Traffic in Bangalore – How much more? How much less?
Word Limit : 100 words

Toughest part was writing within 100 words, real hard to get your thoughts out with such a strict and stingy restriction.
Anyways nothings wrong in attempting so here's my attempt...

Traffic in Bangalore – How much more? How much less?
Traffic (2020 meaning) – A 7 letter word that kindles high anxiety levels to vehicle owners.
A little more traffic & Guinness records would tumble. Radio channels have redefined prime time from peppy music to traffic updates. The traffic has caused stress levels to spiral north inverse to our BSE indices causing road rage & incessant honking.
Traffic & less – oxymoron - a few biking mortals would feel bad that their fundamental rights to swerve, squeeze & ride in busy traffic has been snatched & many wont have any avenue to vent their built up stress & exhibit road rage, as peoples government we have to cater to all cadres at all times.


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