Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lab Experiment 1

Aim: To prove one can cook a full course meal without two important cooking ingredients i.e. the ‘O’ brothers Oil and Onions.

Apparatus required: Vessels, a cooking range, vegetables, dhal, and rice, masala’s [surprised to see that masala is not a recognized English word], no oil, and no onions.

Procedure: Cook dhal as you would normally i.e. boil it, but in this case add jeera and mustard seeds while boiling itself with a little bit of masala. Dhal done! No thalichifying…is this called tempering…???

Next Rice – cook rice we all know plain boiled rice doesn’t need oil or onions.

Next cauliflower and potato’s – boil them with water spiced with salt, turmeric powder, pepper powder, chilly powder and garam masala. Wait for about 15 minutes, it will start becoming into a mince meat form or a mashed form now taste it and add required masala in right procedure and keep stirring it till the water disappears and it becomes a proper side dish.

Proof: Enclosed the pictures of the cooked dishes.

Cooking Complete Set:

Conclusion: Yippee! The experiment was a grand success with a proven result that a dish can be prepared without oil and onions the so called kings of Indian cooking…


PS: This was written for two reasons, one – to prove that cooking is possible without oil and onions and to remind myself of the school days where we all had experiments, lab observation books, record books, horrible scary teachers who used to beat us if anything was wrong  Kidding….teachers are real selfless beings who have shaped our futures, they could have also run off for corporate jobs, IT jobs…but they choose to teach us all… – hats off – Happy teachers day (belated though)….

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