Wednesday, September 03, 2008

CHROME - setting the internet alive...

A first in the process based approach – each tab will be a separate process in the memory, with a VM for JS, added security for malware, rock solid stability and lots more, sounds very exciting. They wanted to redesign the entire concept of browsers and not build upon existing browser ideas.

For a detailed look into their new product visit

Google Chrome available for download at

Memory calculations by Windows is different from Google, both their task managers show different memory usage values to a mentionable extent...The task manager of chrome monitors the network usuage too...

We would need Chrome's task manager in addition to Windows task manager because in windows all tabs/process are listed as chrome.exe which ensures we dont know which one to kill (we can find out depending on the mem size still...) while Chromes TM ensures you know which tab/process you are killing.

about:memory gives in detail statistics of memory - given as statistics for nerds...

As of now I think they haven't integrated their browsing history with their online tracking version that they already have, the history is still being stored locally is my guess(like old IE)

The drag and drop of a tab is quite cool but cant be moved from one window to another existing window (tried it not happening) also you can move tabs within a window.

SSL errors are handled with a red slash over the URL and a red colour page with a warning - pretty useful

Certain common commands like self.close() aren't working on this rendering engine.

You can duplicate tabs, close all tabs opened by a particular tab...

Overall hasn't crashed or displayed JS/Debug errors yet, still checking other new features if any...

Happy exploring...


PS: Yes I have blogged this from the new browser :), my first blog from Chrome!

Update: Flash games on Chrome are acting up and getting stuck often...

Good review article by Walter S. Mossberg,

10 things that might make Chrome the best,;posts

Chrome's inner workings--and an Easter egg,

Type :% in the address bar and it crashes :(


Dinakar said...

Thanks for the info you have given on Chrome. Yes some of the features are really cool. In addition I would like to highlight some of the features.

1. If you use Google chat on this browser, it will suggest for auto spell check.
2. The most visited site list will appear by default when you open the browser

Karthick Prabu said...

oh hoo.. I didn't know about the Chrome's T.Manager. Pretty cool and very very useful. This is going to be very useful for me - pinpointing the tab to close. Nice analysis.

Btwn, Chrome hasn't crashed yet for me too. Visit, you could see a 'sad face' post there.

Also, visit , this is one of the sexiest feature of Chrome.

One drawback as of now - there is no STOP button. When I open a site by mistake, I couldn't stop it. I need to close the tab only.

m I m said...

Thanks Dins!

KP, it does have a stop button...Google has saved space in this button too :)......while you enter say and press enter look carefully near the address bar a X will be appearing which is the stop button once it finishes loading the X becomes a > (Play/enter) button...pretty cool uh?